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Are you looking for an opportunity to exercise and stretch you leadership muscles and quickly see the fruit of your labor?  Vibrant A Christian Church is looking for a new Associate Pastor who will transition to the Lead Pastor role within six to twelve months after coming on site.  Don Hamilton who has served Vibrant for thirty-seven years is excited to help transition this healthy church into the next exciting chapter.  Everything about Vibrant speaks to a bright future of growth and an enjoyable, fruitful ministry opportunity.

“I want to set the stage and do everything I can to help a new leader get established and take the mantle of leadership for this great church.  I’ve had an awesome ministry here and I want the same for the next senior leader.”
- Don Hamilton


Vibrant A Christian Church is a multi-site contemporary, community minded church, deeply rooted in the unchanging truths of the Bible leading to authentic relationships with Jesus. Every weekend over 1,000 people of all ages find Vibrant a great place to grow and serve Jesus.

Some short conclusions made through our re-branding study in 2018: We are a movement. We are full of energy and enthusiasm. Because we are ALL neighbors, we want to change lives in our community. We make a difference and have fun doing it. Ask us, any of us, and we’ll share a personal example of how this church has changed lives in our community. Together we are inspiring people who live for a greater purpose. Our church brings light and color to the world. We enjoy the adventure of lives following Jesus. We are physically generous, emotionally caring, inspiring, socially fun, and spiritually authentic.


Vibrant A Christian Church started on December 5, 1976 as Capital Area Christian Church. The congregation is an active part of the Independent Christian Church movement and also partners with other Christian and non-faith-based organizations in order the fulfill the Great Commission and Great Commandments.

The Church launched in December of 1976 by the Christian Outreach Associates of Pittsburgh.

It began with 24 people meeting in a member’s home in Harrisburg. By January 1977, Capital Area Christian Church started meeting at the Central Pennsylvania Business School in Summerdale. In 1978 CACC purchased two acres of land on Good Hope Road in Hampden Township and built a 180 seat, 5,000 square foot building. The church met there until moving into a 23,000 square foot multi-use facility on 53 acres of land which has been developed into a major community park for the community. Adventure Park includes soccer and softball fields, a large special needs accessible playground, pavilions, disc golf, a snow-tubing hill, one-mile fitness trail, large variety of fitness equipment and sand volleyball courts. The Vibrant family believe that the local church is an integral part of the community both on and off campus and that the campus should be utilized to serve the community. Over fifty community organizations and thousands of people use the Vibrant campus each year. Vibrant also has a separate 501c3 organization called Community Carepoint. Tens of thousands of dollars are raised in the community each year to maintain and expand the park, and partner with other organizations doing good things for the region. It is the intention and practice of Vibrant to have deep regional impact. Vibrant has also been deeply involved in the church-planting movement for the church’s entire existence. We partner with organizations such as Stadia, the Orchard Group and Keystone Church Planting network. Church planting is a high priority at Vibrant as is international ministry such as Pioneer Bible Translators and Compassion International.

In 2017 Vibrant opened the York Haven campus in a 17,000 square-foot renovated Catholic Church. The York Haven campus averages around 150 in attendance and the Lamps Gap campus averages around 850 in attendance.



Vibrant’s mission is to love God, to love God’s people, and to love God’s world. Our desire is to help our community and the world to experience an authentic, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ; and love should always be the motivational force behind it.

The “long” version of our mission statement is: At Vibrant it our desire to bring glory and honor to God, in Christ Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. In love, we show and tell people in our community and the world the Good News about Jesus, help them become disciples of Jesus, and reach out with compassion to those in need.


At its very core, in order to accomplish our mission, our vision is “Connect people to God.”

The “long” version of our vision statement is: “Our vision is to meet the people of our community and the world with God’s love, where they are, to show them where they can be through the saving message of our Lord Jesus Christ, and, through the ministry of our congregation, help connect them to God.”


Walk – At is core, following Jesus is about having a personal walk with God. We encourage, exhort, teach and model what a walk with God looks like in real life through what we say and do.

Worship – God has always called His community to enjoy His Presence and honor Him through personal and corporate worship. Our worship experiences are designed to be authentic, open, honest and full of grace and truth.

Witness – Seekers are motivated to check out Jesus by experiencing the examples of those who claim to follow him. Every Christian is a witness and desires that others might come to experience the life they have found in Christ.

Gifts – The Holy Spirit gives every Christ follower abilities and resources to serve one another and serve their community and the world.

Groups – The most profound experience of Christianity is often found through the relationships developed in group life. Whether the groups revolve around affinity, Scripture study and prayer, or service; doing life together is a great way for Christ followers to experience joy, encouragement, learning and help for daily life. Groups help growth!

Generosity – Christians should be the most generous people on earth. Not only with their time and talents, but also with their treasure. The local church should provide every attendee many opportunities to be generous with their money. Vibrant is famous in our community for generosity.

To learn more about the Mission & Values of VIBRANT, click here and to learn more about the Beliefs of VIBRANT, click here.


There are currently 9 full-time and 5 part-time staff members at Vibrant. Don Hamilton, the lead pastor, has been leading this team for 37 years. We expect transition in leadership to go smoothly with Don as he is seeking to hand off the baton of leadership to the next generation. The Vibrant leadership would love to employ an “overlap” model of succession so Don can transfer his leadership equity and wisdom to the next generation.

Vibrant utilizes a policy board governance model with a board of elders who provide oversight for policy level issues affecting the church. Operationally, Vibrant is a staff-led church with the Lead Pastor responsible for staffing and operational matters. The Lead Pastor serves as an elder and is responsible to the elders. The elder board also provides shepherding guidance for the congregation as well as holding ultimate fiduciary responsibility for the church.



Vibrant is seeking a strong, visionary leader with the strategic and people skills that will lead this healthy congregation into its already bright future. The Lead Pastor must have a heart for God, the local church, and the unchurched. He will have desire to continue the community and church-planting focus already deeply established in Vibrant’s DNA. He must be an excellent communicator who also sees church as a “team sport.” Developing leaders is an important component of this position. Vibrant has a passionate, strong, and effective staff who enjoy working together. The new Lead Pastor will enjoy leading a healthy staff and leadership culture, including a great working relationship with the elder board. The Vibrant Lead Pastor will share the church’s passion for families and the special needs community. Our staff and elders are excited to move into the future with the guidance of God’s new leader for our church.


Vibrant provides an outstanding opportunity for a senior leader to take an already healthy church family into an exciting new chapter. Strong leadership, excellent facilities and community reputation, and a steady stream of newcomers each week on both campuses mean that this church is poised for growth. Vibrant and a strong culture of service where people get involved in ministry and love the community. They love to work together towards God’s specific visions set forth the by the leadership of the church. This is a generous church. Vibrant is located in a great area for families, with excellent schools and a reasonable cost of living.


Vibrant is located in the fastest growing county and township of Pennsylvania. The Harrisburg/Mechanicsburg region is comprised of around 650,000 people. Our second campus also reaches into York County which is also growing. The region is home to state government, four military installations, several corporations, and large healthcare and logistics industries. The region has a low cost-of-living and excellent schools. Hershey Park is a popular family destination in the area along with several theaters and the Giant Center for sports and concerts. The Harrisburg area plays host to minor league baseball and hockey teams. The region is also home to the largest auto shows in the nation. For those who enjoy larger cities, Baltimore, Washington D.C, Philadelphia and New York City are a short drive or train-ride away.

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The Lead Pastor shall serve as the leader of the congregation. As such, he must meet all Scriptural requirements for eldership. The Lead Pastor will act within the confines of all laws pertaining to the ministry of the church.

Lead Pastor Job Profile

Board/Lead Pastor Relationship:

  • The Lead Pastor must be in full agreement with the Board Governance method of church leadership and work with the Elder Board to accomplish the Vibrant mission, vision and values.
  • The Lead Pastor must operate within the applicable confines of Vibrant Board Governance Policies and Procedures.
  • The Lead Pastor is accountable to the Elder Board for his character and job performance. The Elder Board will draft written policies as needed that prescribe what the pastor may and may not do to accomplish his job description.
  • The Lead Pastor will draft and maintain staff policies and procedures.
  • The Lead Pastor may not exercise authority over individual Elder Board members except when they act corporately as an Elder Board.
  • The Lead Pastor may confront an Elder Board member over spiritual issues.
  • The Lead Pastor may not tell any Elder Board member what to decide on any issue.
  • The Lead Pastor is not under the authority of any single Elder Board member, including the chairman, Elder Board committees, or individuals in the congregation.
  • The Lead Pastor is responsible for church operations and serves as an advisor and participating member of the Elder Board. As such he assists in the ongoing development of Vibrant policies and procedures.
  • The Lead Pastor will oversee and be responsible to the Elder Board for Vibrant finances.
  • The Lead Pastor is responsible for the development of a yearly balanced budget for approval by the Elder Board.
  • The Lead Pastor will regularly provide information to the Elder Board concerning the disposition of Vibrant finances, strategic plans, staff issues, general church health and other pertinent information.
  • The Lead Pastor will ensure the ongoing training and development for the Elder Board, the Vibrant staff and lay leadership.
  • The Lead Pastor will maintain the proper Biblical balance between seeking and saving the lost, and developing Christ followers towards maturity (Matthew 28:18-20; Colossians 1:28,29).
  • The Lead Pastor shall not attempt to prevent any staff member or member of the church from approaching the Elder Board in matters concerning himself and that individual.
  • Lead Pastor Job Description

  • The Lead Pastor will serve as the chief visionary and vision caster for the church.
  • The Lead Pastor will serve as the lead preacher/teacher for the congregation.
  • The Lead Pastor will develop and implement key strategies for the accomplishment of the Vibrant mission, vision, and values.
  • The Lead Pastor is responsible to develop and maintain Vibrant Staff Policies and Procedures.
  • The Lead Pastor is responsible for recruiting, hiring and developing a competent Vibrant staff.
  • The Lead Pastor will serve as the key “face” of the local church in the community.
  • The Lead Pastor will provide oversight for campus development and maintenance in accordance with the mission, vision, and values of the church.
  • The Lead Pastor must sense a call to Vibrant, possess a vision for the ministry of Vibrant and develop that vision through preaching, teaching, vision casting, strategic planning, leadership development, and team building.

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