Rolling Hills Community Church started over 40 years ago with a few young families and a dream. From the beginning, God had a plan for this faith family and what Rolling Hills would become. The church continues to trust His vision for them and hopes you will join them on the journey!

Rolling Hills is a group of diverse people united in their commitment to reaching the world one person at a time as they learn to think, love, and live like Jesus and reproduce that in the lives of others.

Rolling Hills seeks to be in real community together, where it’s safe to be known and to walk alongside each other as they pursue Jesus. When people are in genuine relationships with others who are being guided by Jesus, as revealed in the Bible, God transforms us. He takes what is broken in us and makes it whole. As the people of Rolling Hills experience their own loving relationship with God, their hearts for the needs of others cannot remain indifferent. As a faith family, Rolling Hills is motivated to move toward the people and needs in their community with love and compassion.

Rolling Hills believes God is at work in their church, as well as through it, to positively impact their community, region, and world.



The mission of Rolling Hills Community Church is to reach the world one person at a time, as we learn to think, love, and live like Jesus, and reproduce that in the lives of others.


Love God. Love people. These words summarize what Jesus said are the two greatest commandments. We believe God is calling Rolling Hills to actively demonstrate what this kind of love looks like. Therefore, over the next 5 to 10 years, we envision God will continue to transform Rolling Hills Community Church into a place where: 

  1. 1.Our faith family is challenged and equipped to be authentic disciples of Jesus who make more disciples where they live, work, and play.
  2. 2.New generations of leaders whose hearts are deeply connected to God, His Word, His mission, and His calling for the church are identified, developed, and deployed.
  3. 3.People of all generations, especially young adults and families, find encouragement, spiritual growth, and hope.
  4. 4.Our campus is a community hub that meets the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of people in the SW Portland area so that they experience God’s love in a tangible way.


Ongoing Spiritual Transformation, as we:

  • increase our trust in God as we regularly engage in spiritual practices that change our lives 
  • live in obedience to the Word and share about Jesus with others
  • spend time with God in prayer 
  • are generous with our God-given talents, giftedness, and resources

Living in relationship with others, by: 

  • being known by others in community
  • gathering with other believers in worship to lift up the name of Jesus
  • being persons of integrity and character 
  • building relational bridges and engaging others on their spiritual journeys 
  • living as a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples 
  • striving for unity as a multi-generational faith family 
  • developing other faithful servants into leaders of faith who carry out the work of the ministry
  • walking with others during times of loss, success, and trials.
  • being a place of encouragement, growth, and support to parents and their families

Making a difference in our local and global community, as we:

  • meet the spiritual and physical needs of the whole person and advance God’s mission in our local community (and throughout the world) through ministry partnerships 
  • are a safe place for people of any ethnicity or background to come, learn, belong, and to be known 
  • reach into places where people are unjustly treated by stepping into injustice with the love, grace, and truth of Jesus. 
  • partner with other organizations to be a community hub that meets the needs of the whole person in Clackamas and Washington counties to provide comprehensive services such as food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental, or tangible help with finances, clothing, groceries, and spiritual journeys.
  • send people into the world as missionaries of Jesus, and we partner with churches in specific regions-of-focus in the world

To see Rolling Hills Beliefs in more detail, CLICK HERE



The Lead Pastor will provide strategic vision, direction, and leadership to Rolling Hills Community Church in implementing the Elder Team’s mission and church-wide goals.  The Lead Pastor will develop, implement, assess and revise strategy to facilitate the achievement of church wide goals. In addition, the Lead Pastor will be the primary voice of mission through the Gatherings and any other relevant environment.


The Lead Pastor will be the primary communicator of God’s Word in the weekend Gatherings. The Lead Pastor will be someone who is not only highly competent in this regard, they will sincerely love to study, prepare & communicate God’s Word. The Lead Pastor will also be committed to continually developing a team of qualified communicators. 


The Lead Pastor, while primarily charged with leading & preaching, will also be a pastor who can and will, when appropriate and necessary, slow down the pace in order to care for the souls of those who are going through difficult times.



Pastor Bill Towne has faithfully served the Rolling Hills Church family since 1983. For over forty years, he has pastored, first as Youth Pastor, then as Executive Pastor, and finally as Lead Pastor from 2009 until the present. His love & leadership have impacted countless people and multiple generations, and his transition in late 2024 will be felt by all. The next Lead Pastor will have a Spirit-empowered sensitivity to this acute season in the life of Rolling Hills and will be gifted to patiently pastor people through their grief and this transition.


Rolling Hills has been fully invested in the life of its surrounding community for many years. Their outreach to their neighbors is multi-faceted and well-regarded. Rolling Hills is seeking a Lead Pastor who aligns with this ministry philosophy and, even more, will continue to dream and develop new and effective ways to reach the community for Jesus, as well as inspire the church’s members to do the same.


Of particular importance in this season are the continued efforts by Rolling Hills to reach young families in their community. This is currently the fastest-growing demographic at Rolling Hills, and the church is seeking a Lead Pastor who will add even more fuel to this effort. 


The Rolling Hills facility could be classified as both challenge & opportunity in this season. The building was expanded just prior to the recession of 2008 and was built with the expectation of a significant increase in attendance that has not yet materialized. However, the facility is stunning and sprawling, and it only takes a few minutes on campus to begin dreaming of how God could truly maximize this facility as a resource to reach many, many people and help them learn to think, love, and live like Jesus, and reproduce that in the lives of others.


Tualatin, OR is a wonderful place to call home. Located just 20 miles southwest of Portland, it offers convenient access to the city and all its amenities. But, Tualatin has much more than easy commutes – it also is full of outdoor activities like hiking trails at Tualatin Hills Nature Park and canoeing along the Willamette River.

For those looking for an active lifestyle and enjoyable community atmosphere, Tualatin brings small town charm with big city convenience. With plenty of restaurants, shopping, and an abundance of parks, you can find something for everyone in this suburb. Plus, you'll also appreciate the low crime rate and strong economy that helps make Tualatin a great place to live.

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Position Title: Lead Pastor

Reports to: Lay Elders


Provide strategic vision, direction, and leadership to Rolling Hills Community Church in implementing the mission and church-wide goals of the Elder Team. The Lead Pastor will develop, implement, assess, and revise strategy to facilitate the achievement of church wide goals.  In addition, the Lead Pastor will be the primary voice of mission and primary teacher at the Gatherings.  



  • Develop, lead, and coordinate all teaching during weekend Gatherings and be primary teacher for these Gatherings
  • Ensure the growth and development of the teaching team, resulting in consistent and inspiring teaching at the Gatherings
  • Understand and teach the Word of God
  • Study at a consistent depth for quality teaching at Gatherings 


  • Is the primary voice of RH vision/mission to leaders, faith family, and community at large.
  • Has direct oversight of Executive Team
  • Works with Executive Team to ensure the Pastoral Leadership team has clarity on the mission, vision, values, and goals of RH and is strategically aligning all ministries to these ends.
  • Adheres to and demonstrates alignment to the tenets of the RHCC Team Covenant and assures team members are aligned.
  • Creates, implements, assesses, and revises church-wide vision, strategies, and initiatives that achieve the strategic objectives of RHCC as determined by the Elder Team.
  • Ensures annual budget aligns resources to vision & goals of Elder Team
  • Is an active member of the Elder Team.
  • Is an active member of the Personnel Committee.  This committee oversees and provides direction for RHCC’s compensation programs.
  • Works with lay Elders in hiring/firing of Executive Team.
  • Stays educated on cultural and ministry trends that help us understand the context in which we minister.
  • Invests strategically in sharpening his own leadership and ministry skills.


  • Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, be a practitioner of our mission, and uphold RHCC in prayer faithfully
  • Conduct Pastoral duties including but not limited to: oversee the main teaching at weekend gatherings, shepherding Church members, reproducing gifted shepherds, counseling, officiating at weddings and funerals, pastoral care, and prayer
  • Provide pastoral care and prayer
  • Actively welcomes guests and teaching in the new member process
  • Has a strong ability to connect with local leaders within the region


  • Spiritual Maturity (Gal. 5: 22-23)
  • Qualities of an Elder (1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:6)
  • Confidence, tact, and a professional demeanor
  • Committed to building accountable relationships in learning to think, love and live like Jesus Christ
  • Committed to Self-Care.  Intentionally invest time and energy into your soul, friendships, recreation, body, and limitations.  
  • Seeks to improve personally and professionally and maintains a teachable attitude
  • A leader with a servant’s heart who desires people to discover and grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ
  • High emotional intelligence
  • High wisdom


  • A minimum of 10 years as a pastor with increasing responsibility; experience leading staff at a church-wide level is strongly preferred.
  • An MDiv or similarly related degree preferred
  • A track record of exceptional communications skills including sermons
  • Exhaustive knowledge of the bible and grasp on biblical and theological concepts
  • Excellent leadership skills including conflict resolution, vision casting, driving to achieve results, maintaining direct report and employee accountability, and being the change agent to align with RHCC strategic goals and vision.
  • Excellent teambuilding through effective collaboration and communication with other work groups and individuals 
  • Excellent relational, interpersonal, problem-solving, and rapport-building skills
  • Excellent self-management skills; able to lead teams or work independently depending on the need
  • Effective computer skills; Apple operating system, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and other software applications as required by the position
  • The ability to adapt effectively to changing priorities and performs effectively in pressure situations


  • Ability to function effectively in ambiguous environment
  • Reasoning with a high level of complexity in process and human dynamics
  • Ability to analyze processes, theory, situations, and financial data
  • Ability to make decisions with integrity to process values and situations in which clarity and information may be ambiguous
  • Ability to analyze historical data and project future actions or outcomes
  • Ability to maintain productivity under significant pressure of daily and diverse deadlines
  • Must be able to travel within region to perform job duties as well as periodic out of state and/or country travel
  • Ability to multi-task working with multiple projects, ministries, and community leaders at one time


Ready to take the next step?

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