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First Baptist Church Lewisville


First Baptist Church of Lewisville is a multigenerational church in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex known as the beautiful church in Lewisville with two steeples. With a rich heritage of gospel-centric preaching and discipleship, a strong legacy of robust programs that are attractive to the community, and facilities that are all at once classic, updated, and beautiful inside and out, FBCL is positioned to continue the Kingdom Impact for which they have been known for generations.

At the heart of First Baptist Church of Lewisville is a congregation committed to discipleship, fellowship, and the desire to be a bright light in the community. They are passionate about excellent bible teaching and want to see the next generation grow up with a solid foundation of faith. Approximately 80% of the Sunday morning attendance is a part of the Sunday Morning Bible Study class ministry, providing many a deep sense of belonging.

One of the most robust ministries at FBCL is the music ministry, which includes healthy and impressive choir programs for all ages (children, students, adults, and senior adults), an orchestra, and a contemporary worship band. This is a music program that values relationship, discipleship, and excellence. FBCL has had both a traditional and modern worship service in the past. However, as they have re-gathered post-COVID, they have streamlined their Sunday offering to one blended service. The music ministry also focuses on reaching out to the community and world through mission trips and through the Lewisville Arts Conservatory (LAC), a unique outreach program with over 650 students reached in 2020/2021 and over 1,000 visitors making their way through FBCL doors to watch performances.

In addition to music and Bible Study ministries, FBCL has many programs to reach families and students. The preschool, children, and student ministries provide fellowship and bible teaching during their Wednesday evening services, mission trips, discipleship offerings, and student camps. FBCL reaches the community with offerings such as a fall carnival, Vacation Bible School, Moms inc, Oasis (a ministry for those with Alzheimer’s), Grief Share, or serving the local school teachers and first responders. FBCL is very generous in supporting missionaries worldwide through cooperative programs and direct support.

The facilities at FBCL are fantastic. Between the 2200 seat auditorium, the children’s wing (built in 2019), the recently renovated student space, and the ample room for on-site ministries, the 176,000sf facility has room to house ministries for today and the future.

In 1996, the church averaged around 1,775 in attendance. As other churches moved into the area and the city’s culture changed, attendance declined to 950 in 2019. Today, they consistently have about 550 in-person each week and about 150 online. The 2021 budget is about $3.7 million, with approximately 50% dedicated to staffing costs. In addition, they recently paid their debt down to $7.5 million.

First Baptist Church of Lewisville is in a period of transition in light of the recent retirement of their long-time senior pastor. COVID was a difficult season for FBCL, and the church continues to find its way in a post-COVID reality. They are seeking God about how He would have them position the church for maximum Kingdom Impact in the coming decades. They desire to move toward being a more outward-focused church that can reach the younger families and diversity surrounding their campus.

This wonderful family of believers is praying for a Senior Pastor who can gently (and boldly) lead them into the next chapter of fruitful ministry. They have a desire to reach those in need in their community with the gospel, train up new disciples, and be a church known for more than just two steeples, but a church known for being on mission and full of the love of Christ. For over 150 years, God has been faithful, and FBCL has adapted to change, met challenges, and continued to thrive. They want to continue to be known for helping people commit to Jesus, grow in their walk with Him, and meet needs in their community and around the world.


After serving FBCL for more than 28 years, Dr. Stephen Hatfield retired from his Senior Pastor role in November 2021. Stephen’s ministry was marked with fantastic bible teaching, inspiring the church to focus on the community and missions. The Hatfields are well-thought-of in the congregation and desire to remain at FBCL while in retirement.

The Pastor Search Committee is looking for an energetic pastor who can connect well with young families. They pray for someone who leads them into greater and greater ministry effectiveness. They hope this person will plant roots and serve for a long season. This person must be an excellent leader, then a solid bible teacher, and then a loving shepherd.

First and foremost, the Senior Pastor must be a strong leader. While FBCL has a proud history, they need someone to galvanize every ministry and staff member around a new vision. This person must define a clear vision, communicate well, and engage the congregation. They must lead a team to make difficult decisions for the sake of the vision. They must be humble, gentle, and patient in their approach. The successful Senior Pastor must love who the church is today before dreaming about who the church could be tomorrow.

Second, the successful candidate must be a solid teacher. Excellent Bible teaching has been a distinctive feature of FBCL for years and must continue. The teaching must be passionate, full of biblical conviction, and rich with practical application.

Finally, the successful candidate must be a loving shepherd. While there is a team in place to be the primary shepherds of the congregation (including a deacon body), the Pastor must shepherd staff and leaders with love, grace, and presence. FBCL desires for the Senior Pastor to be approachable and genuinely connect with church members.


According to their constitution and by-laws, First Baptist Church is a committee-led church with 4 administrative committees and a Leadership Council. In addition, there are quarterly business meetings. At its base level, “the government of this church is vested in the body of believers who compose it.” In practice, the committees rely on and allow the staff to lead in many areas. This partnership between staff and lay-leadership teams is largely healthy. In addition, there is a robust deacon body whose role is to serve in various capacities.


First Baptist Church has approximately 21 full-time equivalents, including eight ministers. After the tragic death of their Executive Pastor a year ago, their staff team is currently led by Interim Executive Pastor, Wayne Cotton. The staff has healthy relationships and supports and prays for each other throughout the week. There is an opportunity for a leader to provide a vision for the staff that unites them in ministry. With the financial realities post-COVID, they had a staff reduction within the past year, which was difficult for the team. The team is eager for a leader who can galvanize focus on a universal ministry philosophy and steer the team toward ministries that will bring the most significant impact. They are excited about the potential of focusing more on the people outside the walls of the church building.


The Greater Lewisville, Texas area is comprised of the towns of Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Highland Village where over 200,000 people reside. This area surrounding FBCL is a vibrant and growing community with major employers and thriving retail outlets that combine to create a strong economic framework for residents and a quality family-friendly experience for visitors. The community is 22 miles from Dallas and 30 miles from Ft Worth. The Greater Lewisville area is a fun, safe, and nurturing place to live for families with children, young professionals charting their life path, seniors entering their golden years, or anyone else seeking urban convenience in a relaxed suburban setting. It sits between two lakes, giving the community a unique opportunity to explore nature. The Greater Lewisville area has high-performing schools, scores of volunteer opportunities, wonderful churches, and a healthy economy. FBCL is located in a thriving neighborhood, just minutes from I-35, allowing easy access to the Church.


This church is over 150 years old, and brings an opportunity to carry a legacy that spans generations of Great Commission ministry in a thriving community.

The beautiful facilities, robust programs, talented staff team, committed congregation, and generally healthy financial status are wonderful building blocks to grow an incredibly healthy ministry for decades to come!

One clear opportunity and challenge will be for a Senior Pastor to work with the committees and staff teams to develop a unifying vision for the church. As he does this, he will face a challenge to build both a healthy inward and outward focus. Inwardly, to equip the congregation with a foundation of discipleship and the ability to share their faith with the community. Outwardly, to position the robust, perhaps traditionally-minded programs into an outward-focused posture that is effective at reaching the unchurched world in the Greater Lewisville area today.

Lewisville has changed over the years, from changes in the general values of the community (i.e., Sundays and Wednesdays are no longer “off-limits” for sports teams), to changes in the ethnic makeup in the neighborhoods around the church (i.e., the fastest-growing demographic close to the church is Hispanic). These are opportunities to reinvent ministry in a new cultural reality.

The congregation is looking for a pastor who will embrace the challenge of reversing a 15-year trend of declining attendance. The good news is the congregation is asking to be challenged to evangelize - what an excellent opportunity!

This is an opportunity to serve for several decades with a loving congregation.


First Baptist Church of Lewisville is a Southern Baptist Church, which aligns with the Baptist Faith and Message. They are affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT), the Denton Baptist Association, and the Baptist World Alliance. The following are the church’s core beliefs:

  • We believe the Bible is God-given, through people of Christian history, to connect us to the heart of God Himself.
  • God gives people eternal life through Jesus Christ.
  • The believer is secure in that salvation forever.
  • We do not earn salvation—it is God’s gift to us.
  • We commit to Jesus.
  • We commit to his followers.
  • We commit to his world. Through local and worldwide missions activities and support, our church strives to commit to our world. We encourage believers to be witnesses of Jesus “to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Opportunities to serve and support missions are ongoing.
  • Baptists believe that a person who accepts Christ as Savior should also follow him in believers baptism by immersion and join the fellowship of a church of like-minded believers.

  • Position Profile

    Key Qualities

  • A courageous leader that can set a vision and strategically lead First Baptist Church of Lewisville into an even more fruitful future.
  • A strong Bible teacher who can preach the truth in a practical and passionate manner
  • A relational shepherd that can effectively shepherd the staff team and key leaders.
  • A passionate disciple of Jesus who is surrendered to and led by the Holy Spirit in his leadership and ministry.
  • Willing to plant roots and grow with the FBCL family
  • Energetic. Passionate. Authentic.
  • Able to connect with younger families.
  • Strong communication skills, emotional intelligence, and humility.
  • Position Requirements

  • Work with the Executive Pastor to lead all staff meetings and retreats.
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree. Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) preferred.
  • At least 10 years of pastoral ministry experience and 5 years in significant leadership.
  • Significant experience in and demonstrated a proclivity toward leadership.
  • Commitment to serve within the church’s current denominational and interdenominational partnerships.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • A growing Christian faith and character.
  • A commitment to the mission of the church.
  • Understanding of and willingness to serve within the doctrinal commitments of the church.
  • A calling to pastoral ministry.
  • A lifestyle congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders (Mal. 3:10; 1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus 1:5-9).
  • Primary Responsibilities

  • Serve as the spiritual leader of the church.
  • Work with the Worship Leader to plan the worship services of the church.
  • Provide overall vision for the direction of the ministry.
  • Operate as the church’s primary Bible teacher and preacher, responsible for the regular Bible-teaching ministry of the church. Preach approximately 42 - 46 Sundays each year.
  • Serve as the overseer for the church staff.
  • Conduct weddings, funerals, and baptisms according to the doctrinal commitments of our church as needed.
  • Spend an appropriate amount of time in study and prayer in preparation for teaching opportunities.
  • Serve as a leader by example in personal discipleship, stewardship, and evangelism.
  • Meet with the church’s leaders on a regular basis to report on the spiritual, organizational, and financial health of the congregation.
  • Develop relationships with other churches and organizations in our community consistent with our church’s mission and values.
  • When needed, counsel members and families on how to live biblically faithful lives.
  • Meet regularly with staff and other church leaders to disciple and train them in ministry.
  • Officiate the Lord’s Supper on a regular basis.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all church committees and teams.
  • Ensure ongoing ministry to homebound and nursing home church members.
  • Lead all staff meetings and retreats.


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