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Community Church
Tobyhanna, PA


Community Church was founded in 2003 by Dave and Bekah Crosby. In 2009, after six years of being portable, they purchased 70 acres of land and built their first permanent location. They are in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, a diverse bedroom community of New York City in the Pocono Mountains. From the beginning, Community Church has been decidedly multiethnic and multigenerational. They believe the church and its leadership should reflect the beautiful patchwork of colors and cultures surrounding them. The church is known for its love for God and its love for the people of their community.

Community Church is outreach-focused. They will do anything short of sin to reach the lost. They teach their fully surrendered followers to build intentional relationships with their friends and invite them to church on Sunday. The church hosts 4 and 6 "buzz events" during the year to help drive that focus, using those opportunities to connect with the unchurched and help them begin to pursue living a fully surrendered life for Jesus.

The staff of Community Church values excellence. They are not afraid to take risks to make things better. When they try something that doesn't work, they learn from it and move forward. They are driven and focused, but they are also a family that has fun with each other. Everything flows out of their relationship. They are supportive, flexible, and open-handed.

Community Church is a church of 1,500 (including adults, kids, and volunteers). They have one location and plan to launch their second site in 2022.


Worship at Community Church is refreshing, innovative, and moving. There is a genuine excitement and sense of expectation as the church gathers to worship. Their people describe it as an environment that draws you in. It's something that they don't want to miss!

The church is adaptable in both worship and creative expressions, welcoming fresh eyes and approaches. They desire to maintain a high standard of excellence musically and spiritually. Services are well-planned and evaluated weekly to ensure the highest possible quality. They are a mostly modern church that joyfully embraces both old and new in their worship services as they engage their multigenerational congregation. They sing songs from artists like Hillsong Worship, Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, and Maverick City Music.

There are two primary components to their philosophy of worship ministry:

  • 1.Cultivate an environment that connects with the unchurched and where they can experience the undeniable presence of Jesus.
  • 2.Create an environment where the Holy Spirit is comfortable to move and cultivate life change and where fully surrendered followers are excited to bring their unchurched friends.
  • The platform team is generally a full rhythm section and 3-4 vocalists. They rehearse midweek and do a full run-through on Sunday mornings before services. They also utilize in-ear monitors and click/multitrack playback support.

    Recent Full Service

    This was Back to Church Sunday and included a fun opener, which they do at the buzz events mentioned above.


    Dave and Bekah Crosby are the leaders of Community Church. Dave is an empowering leader and strategic thinker who believes in helping those around him succeed. He loves finding ways to bring out the best in his team and inspiring them to dream big.

    Bekah, who serves as Executive Pastor, is a gifted equipper and leader who has shaped Community's healthy, team-first, staff culture. Together, Pastors Dave and Bekah are a dynamic team who cast a compelling vision and equip their teams to lead with power, humility, and grace.

    Dave and Bekah have a rich spiritual heritage. Dave is a third-generation preacher kid. Bekah grew up in Manilla, Philippines as a missionary kid. Ministry is in their blood! Their heart for church planting goes well beyond their local church. Dave helped launch the largest church planting organization in the US that has planted over 4,000 churches. Dave and Bekah also coach pastors around the country in the Growth Plus Network. 

    Dave and Bekah enjoy spending time with their four kids. They love their family and are always up for a good time. Dave and Bekah have the gift of hospitality and enjoy cooking and entertaining. If you are looking to work with relational leaders that are results-oriented, look no further!

    Community Church is Pastor-led. Elders serve as Advisors to the Lead Pastor. They also hold him accountable financially, ethically, theologically, and morally. The Worship Pastor will report to the Executive Pastor. Community Church is affiliated with the Assemblies of God (USA).


    The worship ministry at Community Church has endured a few leadership transitions in recent years that have cost the team some momentum. Though the front-facing elements of the ministry have continued to do well, the team is craving leadership. They're ready to grow and move forward.

    Community Church is looking for a modern, pastoral people-leader. The right match is a life-bringing, galvanizing force on and off the platform. They lead with sensitivity to the presence of God and what He is doing in the room. They are a builder and love the local church. They are passionate about excellence in creativity and the details. They are a shepherd that loves creating worship experiences that engage the hearts and the voices of the church.

    The ideal candidate is a developer. They love leading and being with people. They pursue potential, actively recruiting and finding ways to champion the gift and abilities of others. They advocate for their team and encourage growth.

    On the platform, the next Worship Pastor has an energizing and inspiring leadership style. They are fervent in their expression of worship and model what they want to see in the congregation. They are a strong vocalist and preferably lead from an instrument. They have the musical knowledge and ability to attract other high-level musicians and produce musical excellence in the team.

    Off the platform, the next leader champions the church's vision and mission. They welcome direct feedback and love clear expectations. They are articulate, proactive, solutions-oriented, and well-organized. They communicate clearly and frequently, bring their whole selves to conversations. They're honest about their strengths and weaknesses, and they're willing to learn.

    The new Worship Pastor at Community Church will be stepping into a ministry primed for growth and full of potential. They will be led well and loved well as they link arms with a unified staff that's ready to launch into the next season.


    Community Church is in Monroe County in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, a bedroom community of New York City. Known for its numerous resorts, the Poconos is a spectacular place to live, with an abundance of outdoor activities and the nation's second-largest indoor water park. According to

    With 2,400 square miles encompassing northeast Pennsylvania's Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne counties, the Pocono Mountains region is home to rolling mountain terrain, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, thriving woodlands and 170 miles of winding rivers.

    Winters offer guests the opportunity to ski, snowboard, snow tube and even snowshoe their way through snowy wonderlands encompassing over 163 ski trails, while summers also cater to the active traveler allowing exploration of 261 miles of hiking and biking trails, over 35 golf courses, whitewater rafting, boating, fishing and open access to nine state and two national parks.

    Any time of year is a good time to visit the Pocono Mountains, located within driving distance of most major East Coast cities.

    According to, in December 2020 the median list price of homes in Tobyhanna, PA was $169.9K, trending up 17.3% year-over-year. The median sale price was $192.1K. Homes in Tobyhanna, PA sold for approximately the asking price on average in December 2020.


    A. Build, lead, and develop Instrumental and Vocal teams so that the campus can reach and retain more people

  • Build – recruit, train, grow, and remove when necessary worship team leaders and members at the campus
  • Lead – 3 Worship Team Leaders, who each lead 1 Worship Team consisting of 5-7 instrumentalists and 2-4 vocalists
  • Develop – assess, teach, train, and disciple the worship team at the campus
  • Instrumental Team: 3 teams – each team consisting of a drummer, a bassist, 1-2 electric guitarists, an acoustic guitarist, and 1-2 keyboardists. Each team serves one weekend every three weeks and rehearses one evening preceding the weekend they serve.
  • Vocal Team: 3 teams – each team consisting of 1-2 female and 1-2 male vocalists. Each team serves one weekend every three weeks and rehearses on a week night preceding the weekend they serve.
  • Reach – be active in adding more 1st timers at: buzz events, weekends, kids ministry, youth ministry
  • Retain – be active in moving 1st timers to 4th, 4th to Groups, Groups to Serve, and Serve to Rockstar
  • B. Execute the Community Church Worship Team process

    The ​PRIMARY​ purpose of the campus worship team is to facilitate an excellent worship experience at a campus on the weekend. This is achieved by:

  • Sending the Lead Pastors approved worship order to the worship team 10 days before the weekend they will serve.
  • Engaging the congregation with high quality, engaging, culturally-relevant, God-honoring worship
  • Having 100% attendance at weeknight rehearsal
  • Substantially using Ableton tracks as a part of the worship experience
  • Spiritually growing and maturing the worship team by:
  • Modeling spiritual disciplines for the worship team
  • Being a strong private and public worshipper (on and of the stage)
  • Meeting with 1-2 members of the worship team each week
  • The ​SECOND​ purpose of the campus worship team is to connect with Community Church attendees and help them take their next step. This is achieved by:

  • Being in the lobby and VIP areas after the 1st and 2nd services
  • Each worship team member meeting two people each weekend and helping them take their next step. Worship team members report these people to the Worship Director, who in turn reports these people to the VIP Director each weekend.
  • Each person on the worship team realizing their own next step, which is either: Joining a small group, or becoming a Generosity Rockstar.
  • The ​THIRD​ purpose of the campus worship team is to promote and enhance worship for all age groups. This is achieved by:

  • Meeting with the Community Kids and Community Youth Students directors once a month and finding 1-2 ways each month to strengthen worship in these ministries.
  • C. Reach Worship Pastor goals

  • Build 3 full-sized worship teams. This is achieved by holding monthly auditions until the teams are at full-size and then continue auditions every other month thereafter.
  • Duties and Responsibilities

  • Worship team stage presentation
  • Appropriate Ableton track usage
  • Services will be assessed weekly at Creative Team meeting to make adjustments as needed.
  • 100% attendance at rehearsal and on Sunday morning
  • Connect weekly with those you are leading
  • Meeting with 1-2 worship team members each week
  • 100% participation in the lobby and VIP areas by the worship team each weekend
  • Improving kids and students worship experiences each month
  • Shepherd the leaders and team members to take their next step.
  • D. Create the Structure

  • Reports to and is managed by the Executive Pastor
  • Lead the Creative team meetings
  • Leads 3 Worship Team Leaders
  • Serves the vision of the Senior Pastors
  • This structure meets 1 time per month at Leader + along with your leaders.
  • E. Infuse the campus with the Community Church Vision, Values, and Culture

    Our Vision

  • Inspire People to Live a Fully Surrendered Life for Jesus
  • Our Values

  • Every Story Matters Here
  • We are all about More Changed Lives
  • We are Family
  • Our Church Culture

  • People are our Heart
  •  Generosity is our Privilege
  • Excellence is our Spirit
  • Servant Leadership is our identity
  • Honor is our calling
  • Passion is our Pursuit
  • Model Leadership

  • Connect Weekly- Everything flows out of relationships
  • Make it Bigger - Grow your teams and raise up leaders
  • Make it Better - We are committed to continuous improvement
  • Shepherd People - Help people take their next spiritual step
  • Take it personally - Believe in what we do so much it infuses all areas of your life
  • Collaborate - Not too proud to ask for help and not too busy to give help
  • Replace yourself - Leaders who attract leaders are the most impactful on the organization
  • Be whole - How I care for myself spiritually, physically, relationally, emotionally, and financially
  • Remain open-handed - If you are given responsibility, own it. If your responsibility is given to someone else, let it go.

    Ready to take the next step?

    To find out more about Community Church, please check out their website ( and learn more about their beliefs, vision and values and the many other ministries of the church.

    If after a thorough look at these documents, you sense that this would be a good match for you, please contact:

    Brian Taylor // 240-246-4636 //