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Highland Park Baptist Church

Muscle Shoals, Alabama

HIGHLAND PARK Yesterday & Today

Highland Park is a growing church with a relationally-rich and healthy ministry staff. They have a Kingdom mindset, poised to see God continue to do incredible things in and through them for His glory.

Their vision and hope for the future emanate from their church mission: Mobilizing all people to live as Jesus-followers.

Birthed in 1944 out of a church member's home, Highland Park has always had a vision for following Jesus and going wherever Jesus led. In 2014, God led Highland Park to purchase and build its beautiful 65-acre campus.

Since 2010, Highland Park has baptized more than 1,000 people, been directly involved in helping to plant more than 20 churches across North America, adopted an unreached, unengaged people group in South Asia, and formed multiple partnerships worldwide.

Some churches might choose to enjoy their hard work and coast for the next ministry season, but that's not part of Highland Park's DNA. Their staff is committed to God, one another, and leading by example. If you're looking for a team to grow your heart and soul while mobilizing all people to live as Jesus-followers, Highland Park Baptist Church is for you!


Mobilizing all people to live as Jesus followers.


  • God Dependence — Without Him, we can do nothing.
  • Kingdom Advancement — We exist for something greater than ourselves.
  • Authentic Community — Following Jesus happens best in relationship with others.
  • Life Transformation — Our lives are a growing reflection of Jesus' life.
  • Gospel Unity — The local church should reflect the diversity of Heaven.
  • HP's 5 Checkpoints of a Jesus Follower

  • 1.Live Deep — What did I learn from my time in the Word and in prayer today?
  • 2.Live Free — How have I demonstrated a generous spirit today?
  • 3.Live Sent — What have I done today to invest in someone far from God?
  • 4.Live Real — Who am I helping to become more like Jesus, and what have I done to help them today?
  • 5.Live Pure — What have I done today to hinder my witness or my walk with Jesus?


    Pastor Brett is a student ministry advocate and a relational leader who strongly supports his team. He has been on staff at Highland Park since 2006 and has served as the Senior Pastor since August 2010. Brett’s passion in ministry is connecting Jesus followers in the local church with God’s Kingdom activity worldwide. He and Taryn have been married for twenty-one years. They live in Muscle Shoals with their three children, Clay, Noah, and Abby.

    The Highland Park Church family has graciously and generously empowered its pastors and staff to lead the church to fulfill its mission. The Lead Team of HP consists of pastors and directors who lead and shepherd others. The Lead Team works directly with the Senior Pastor in carrying out the overall vision of Highland Park.

    A video message from Pastor Brett


    At Highland Park, students matter!

    Highland Park is a phenomenal church with a terrific staff and leadership. HP is for you if you like to create, build, and cast vision.

    The HP staff believes the students not being reached in the Shoals area is "astronomical" (easily 8-10K). The current group of students has been without a youth pastor for 18 months, so they are ready to be led and are excited about the future.

    Being without a youth pastor for 18 months also has its challenges. While student energy and enthusiasm remain high amongst the core, many fringe students have drifted away. The student ministry averaged 150+ each week but currently fluctuates between 50 and 100. But the students who attend are hungry and ready to see God work in their lives, schools, and church.

    "Our current juniors are an incredibly strong group with great leadership potential. Whoever comes in will inherit a solid foundation. With the disruption of Covid the last two years, there is blank slate to dream big and attempt new things. Our students are poised for a leader to set the course for great things in the future."

    The HP student ministry currently has three paid staff members (two interns and a coordinator). The Student Pastor will directly oversee the Next Generation Coordinator and two student ministry interns. HP hopes to hire a Girl's Ministry Director in the future.

    But, Highland Park student ministry isn't just about students. While the new pastor will minister to the students and youth leaders, the goal is that he will also build strong relationships with parents and be a resource for parents to nurture and disciple their teens.


    In this beautiful but unassuming corner of northwest Alabama lies a small town that has turned out some of the most recognizable songs and voices in music: the Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, and Aretha Franklin are just a few artists who have recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. And the musical history of the Shoals continues to play a major role in the community today.

    The Shoals Area consists of four cities along and around the Tennessee River. The metro population is around 180,000 people, but the four independent cities create a small-town feel.

    The culture of the Shoals is family-oriented and built around relationships. As a result, this area responds phenomenally well to people in crisis. The schools are strong, and the presence of the University of North Alabama provides additional academic, cultural, and athletic benefits. The Shoals also offers proximity to Nashville, Birmingham, and Memphis (approx 2-3 hours away).

    The average price of a home in the area is $240,000. Learn more about Muscle Shoals HERE and HERE.



  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity
  • Leadership

  • Ability to recruit volunteers
  • Ministry experience in related fields
  • Loyalty

  • Must have character and loyalty to follow the vision and leadership of HPBC.
  • Must be a leader, a learner, and a follower.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Role and Responsibilities

    Develop and oversee the strategic vision of the Student Ministry to aid in promoting a family-oriented discipleship process. Responsible for the preparation, coordination, planning, and execution of all middle school and high school events and leading the student ministry staff to fulfill the vision. This role is primarily responsible for managing the daily operation of student ministries and will make decisions related to ministry events.

  • 1.Facilitate production and programming for areas of responsibility.
  • 2.Prepare the student ministry calendar each semester.
  • 3.Prepare and manage an annual budget for the ministry event and oversee the monthly operating budget.
  • 4.Work with the student ministry volunteers to ensure that they have all needed materials for Midweek and Sunday services.
  • 5.Responsible for the announcements, promotion, and registration of all events in ministry areas.
  • 6.Work closely with the other ministries to contextualize church-wide events.
  • 7.Work closely with the Missions office to coordinate and execute student involvement in local, national, and international outreach.
  • 8.Work with the Creative Arts team to facilitate signage, visuals, and advertising timelines for special services as it relates to the ministry areas.
  • 9.Work closely with the database manager to maintain accurate records of students and families engaged with the student ministry.
  • 10.Maintain a good working relationship and open line of communication with the rest of the staff and perform all other duties assigned by the Senior Pastor.


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