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Zarephath Christian Church (ZCC) is back and stronger than ever. Founded in 1989 as an independent Christian church, ZCC had the opportunity to grow creatively and quickly through its access to seven hundred acres and free radio time through the Pillar Ministries radio station Star 99.1.

Rapid growth caused the church to move from the campus chapel into the Wilson Gymnasium and eventually added overflow seating in the Life Center. Multiple services accommodated the increase, and by 2010, ZCC had an average weekend attendance of 1,500 people.

During this season, the mission of "love, live, serve like Jesus" was born. This vision catalyzed the people, and they grew in their faith, served with their gifts, started multiple ministries, and became a church known for being like Jesus. By 2014 the church had grown to 2,000 people.

However, after several years of challenges within its leadership and later the arrival of Covid, attendance got as low as 300. Still, God continued to work amongst his people and in the community. ZCC got a new pastor in 2020. Combining his strong leadership, fresh vision, and the faithfulness of its staff and volunteers, ZCC now averages close to 700 each weekend, and the church's best days are ahead.

The church is a true reflection of the multicultural diversity of the surrounding community, with over 60 countries represented in the congregation. An annual "Culture Fest" is a visible display of what God is doing in drawing the nations to the church.

ZCC has momentum and is growing. New families arrive each week, and the church continues to see people saying "YES" to Jesus. There is a buzz about what God is doing as ZCC continues to love, live, and serve like Jesus.

It's all about Jesus!

The ZCC Mission: Leading people to love, live, and serve like Jesus.
The ZCC Vision: Light up our community with the presence of Jesus.
ZCC Distinctives: Grace, Growth, Group, Gifts, Generosity, Go

Local Outreach

ZCC actively serves families throughout the county with its numerous outreach teams that meet people where they're at. Plus, on-campus they have two dynamic ministries:

  • My Neighbor's Pantry — food for those in need
  • My Neighbor's Boutique — clothes for all seasons and all family members
  • Additionally, ZCC partners with two ministries, extending their span of care in significant ways.

  • Zarephath Health Center — free healthcare for the poor and uninsured
  • Miriam's Heart — a ministry devoted to educating & equipping the church to act on behalf of orphaned & abandoned children
  • Global Outreach

    ZCC has made a significant investment throughout the years financially and through on-site service in the country of Liberia. God's church is alive and well all over the world and ZCC is actively participating.

    Families Matter!

    ZCC loves kids and supports families. Whether kids or parents are exploring faith, returning to their faith, or growing in their faith, ZCC is a community where they can flourish in their journey with God.


    At Zarephath Christian Church, students matter! The student ministry receives abundant love, attention, and leadership from the terrific ZCC volunteers (approximately 12 on the team) and lots of support from the pastoral team. The adults who serve the students love Jesus and love the students, and they want the students to love Jesus and share the hope he offers with others.

    Say YES to Jesus

    Evangelism and service are a high priority at ZCC and two things that distinguish them in the community. When they share Jesus and serve others, they expect people to say "Yes" to Jesus. The church would love to see the Student Ministry do more outreach in schools and serve the community. The right leader has a huge opportunity here.

    Friday Nights (and more)

    Each Friday, 60-70 students in grades 6-12 gather in the gym from 6:30 - 9 PM for food, fun, student-led worship, teaching, and small group discussion. (Small groups divided by grade and gender.)

    During their Z-Madness events, attendance grows to 100-115.

    The nights are fun, biblical, worshipful, and a safe place to ask tough questions. Each week, ZCC invites students to attend a midweek D-Group where students go deeper into God's word and emphasize Bible application at home, school, and in their community.

    Camps, mission trips, serving on Sunday, and on-site retreats also play a significant role in ZCC's student ministry strategy.

    What's Next?

    The opportunity to lead the student ministry is enormous for the right person. ZCC is a church with a "can-do" attitude. They love God, trust one another, and believe students are called to serve and change the world for Jesus TODAY!

    You will get a lot of support from the staff and volunteers, and you will have the freedom to dream and try new things.

    ZCC is not the church to land for a few years until something else comes along. ZCC is a church family looking for a teammate who wants to become part of its community. You will not be asked to babysit. ZCC is looking for a strong leader with a big heart and a desire to mold and shape the future legacy of ministry in the northeast.

    This is a church family committed to love, live, and serve like Jesus, and they're looking for the right person eager to do the same.


    Scott Jones is a pastor, leader, and communicator passionate about inspiring people to join God in transforming the world. He is a creative Bible teacher, strategic thinker, and visionary leader.

    Scott loves investing in leaders who will shape the next generation. He loves collaborating with other churches and ministries in Kingdom collaboration. He's a "big-picture" guy who supports his team and gives them the freedom to lead, create and use their gifts according to their shared mission and vision.

    Scott loves to laugh and believes a sense of humor in ministry is one of the keys to a healthy team and thriving long term. He encourages innovation and risk to try new ways of reaching people and seeing them grow in Christ.

    He loves to work with a team of leaders who are gifted in their area of competency, where they can lead out of their strengths and fulfill their God-given ministry with his coaching, encouragement, and support.

    Before coming to ZCC, Scott led mega churches in Texas, Arizona, and Kansas. His experience includes transitioning churches to bring health and hope for the future.

    Scott creates a culture that is forward-thinking, informal in style, and aggressive in mission. He loves a casual environment with a high value on the team doing their best to serve people, honor God and impact the community.


    Zarephath is in Somerset County, one of America's oldest counties, first settled in 1681 and frequently visited by George Washington.

    Today, Somerset has a population of nearly 350,000 and access to all that the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, PA) affords. Besides its proximity to New York City and Pennsylvania, beautiful New Jersey has thousands of unique places to see and exciting things to do besides the 130 miles of spectacular shorelines.

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    The average price for a home in the area is $300-350K.

    Learn more about the beautiful Garden State HERE and learn more about the shops and restaurants in Somerville HERE.

    Discover the Garden State: Adventure is calling.


    The Student Ministry Pastor is the champion of creating inspiring environments and spiritual pathways for the next generation to fulfill the ZCC mission to love, live and serve like Jesus.


  • Stay on the cutting edge of ministry to students and families.
  • Recruit, supervise, train, and continue to develop Student Ministry workers.
  • Partner with parents in equipping students to be disciples of Jesus.
  • Collaborate with the Children’s Ministry Director on scope and sequence and children’s transitions.
  • Actively participate as a member of the Pastor/Director Team.
  • Organization

  • Appoint Student Ministry leadership team and oversee volunteers.
  • Produce large group worship and teaching gatherings and small group discipleship pathways.
  • Promote, schedule, and administrate Student Ministries and special events.
  • Develop an annual budget, goals, and a plan for implementation.
  • Maintain the highest level of security and safety for students.
  • Develop and implement Biblical teaching for training and equipping students.
  • Oversees the use of student environments to ensure quality and excellence.
  • Serve as the point leader with Pro Media Fire (Media outsourcing).
  • Qualifications

  • High “get it” factor in best practices in reaching students and resourcing families.
  • Teachable, self-motivated team player with a killer work ethic and strong follow-through.
  • Strong organizational leader.
  • Well-developed philosophy and practice of the spiritual formation of students.
  • High emotional intelligence and social skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficient in understanding, teaching, and application of Scripture.
  • Education and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s degree in the area of Bible, education, or a calling compatible with this position.
  • Proven leader in building teams.
  • Previous ministry experience with a skillful understanding of ministry to students.
  • Character and Alignment

  • Live out the godly character found in 1 Timothy 3:1-13.
  • Financially support the vision of ZCC by faithfully tithing and investing in special offerings.
  • Champion the mission, vision, and values of ZCC in the church and the community.
  • Be in agreement with Zarephath Christian Church's purposes and Statement of Faith.

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