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An authentic community of Jesus followers who love and serve people



The two words that embody the spirit of New North Church are Authentic and Diverse. Whether you physically walk through the doors of New North for a weekend worship service or attend online, you immediately sense an authenticity expressed through diversity in every way! New North Church is a vibrant, life-giving community with a remarkable story and compelling vision.

In 2017, Lead Pastor, Rob Hall, led the charge to launch New North Church. For the previous decade, the church had operated as a campus for Central Peninsula Church (Rob served as the Campus Pastor). In these last few years, they have seen the church expand to over 1,100 people (in-person gatherings) and an average of 1,400 attend their online services weekly. With a passion to see Bay Area people who are far from God restored into a relationship with Him, their vision is to cultivate an authentic community of Jesus-followers who love and serve people."


"To make and mature more followers of Jesus Christ."


"To cultivate an authentic community of Jesus-followers who love and serve people."

Core Values


It is the privilege and the duty of all who have met God to worship and adore Him. Proper worship engages both our mind and our heart and cultivates a balanced sense of awe and intimacy in our approach to God. Our worship style should be culturally relevant while remaining theologically pure. We worship God in our midst by uniting in worship weekly and by cultivating a love relationship with Him daily.


The church is to provide care, support, and training for believers endeavoring to live for God. The ministry of the church is to be carried out by all believers as they use their spiritual gifts to glorify God and build up His body. Since authentic Christian community involves much more than can possibly take place in Sunday morning worship, commitment to a small group should be an essential part of every believer’s experience of church.


At the center of the Christian faith is the Word of God. Since God has chosen to reveal Himself through His Word, the teaching, reading, study, and meditation of the Bible are essential to our relationship with Him. Every believer should be regularly fed through the individual reading of the Word, small group Bible study, and relevant expository preaching.


The church should be a place where lost, hurting, and broken people are free to be authentic while yearning for and moving toward continued growth. Jesus Christ came to seek the lost, heal the brokenhearted, and transform lives to reflect His glory. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight with any of us; it takes place in an environment of both grace and truth – grace that frees us to be transparent about our hurts and failures, and truth that encourages us to continue to walk in obedience to Him.


In God’s scheme of ministering to this fallen world, He has determined to work through His church. He has commissioned His people to be His witnesses. The church is to build up its people in their spiritual lives so that, as they participate in society on any and every level, the reality of God’s love will be evident to others, and they will be drawn to Him. This participation will include both words and works, both evangelism and social concern.


The church should be led by a group of mature elders who seek and submit to the Lord’s direction for His church. The living head of the church is Jesus Christ; He alone is the Chief Shepherd (senior pastor). At the same time, in shepherding His flock, Jesus has entrusted its care and protection to a group of mature “under-shepherds” called elders. These men are accountable to the Lord to lead the body in a way that is consistent with the word of God and the leading of the Spirit.

You can learn more about New North's values and see their statement of beliefs here.



The City and its Peninsula speaks for itself. This place is buzzing with human activity and some of the world's most leading technology hubs. Nearly 5 million people live and work in the Bay Area, which has a huge draw for ambitious young people, looking to succeed in their careers. This demographic is definitely strong in the attendance of the church, as well. Many generations and ethnicities call New North Church home.

Obviously, there's no shortage of amazing food, outdoor activities, sporting events, incredible wine country, and amazing quick trips to places like Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.

The people who live on the San Francisco Peninsula love it, and take advantage of the perks of life it offers.

The Opportunity

New North Church has an incredible team, and the Technical Director will be the core leader in production and technology for the church. New North Church is looking for a leader whose main focus area will be working specifically in live production systems and team building. The Technical Director will have the ability to help build, and develop systems for the church that will help them as they launch into finding a new permanent space.



The Technical Director will assume the ownership, oversight, and responsibility for all audio, video, and lighting for New North Church services and special events. New North Church is looking for someone who is eager to train and develop volunteers and others throughout the church to further the technical and production ministries while being open and willing to execute creative ideas throughout services.


  • LEAD | The Production teams at New North Church - which includes all processes pertaining to volunteer onboarding, training, scheduling, communication, and off-boarding - while providing spiritual leadership and genuine care for the well-being of the volunteer team.

  • DIRECT | The Production Volunteer Team on the setup, execution, and breakdown of all things related to production for services and other ministries events. This includes overseeing the technical teams and all technical elements in the weekend flow are in place and that volunteers are fully engaged and receive regular communication. This position is supported by a part-time paid Technical and Production Coordinator direct report.

  • MAINTAIN | Current standards of operation, improve systems and execution of production, and pioneer new ways for the production team to create meaningful ways for the congregation to experience Jesus through production.

  • STEWARD | New North Church's resources and equipment including the maintenance, inventory, upkeep of existing equipment, and upgrading and purchasing new equipment.

    Services & Event Production

  • Provide and maintain a high level of excellence in all technical aspects of the weekend experience.
  • Facilitate and execute weekend worship services from the technical side in conjunction with the Worship & Creative Pastor.
  • Direct oversight of all components of production on the weekend and special events — including audio, video, lighting, stage design, and production management of all areas of live events. 
  • Oversee system management for production gear owned by New North Church.
  • Team Development

  • Recruit and train volunteers in all technical areas for weekend services
  • Assist in the Spiritual Growth of members on the production teams
  • Oversee onboarding (and off-boarding, when needed) of volunteers
  • Communicating needs and requests to volunteer team along with reporting back volunteer experience to staff
  • Develop and oversee communication to the technical team
  • Help plan and run events for worship/tech teams
  • Develop Teams to oversee all tech during services at New North Church.
  • Support all areas of ministry like Students, and Kids ministry by helping train and develop volunteers in those areas of ministry.

  • A deep, evident love of Christ, Church, and Kingdom that shapes all aspects of their life.
  • An ability to lead at a departmental level, overseeing the care and development of staff and volunteers.
  • Experience mixing in both FOH and Broadcast Audio
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems that may occur during a worship service and efficiently recover the service.
  • Experience in teaching others to develop technical skills
  • Experience or willingness to learn production/technical skills that are not yet acquired
  • Organized, reliable, and demonstrating a great work ethic and integrity
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience in a church environment is a plus
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks, be flexible and work with little supervision

    Some experience in the following would be preferred.

  • Blackmagic Video Systems
  • Experience in SDI and NDI networks
  • Online Live Streaming Experience
  • Lighting Networking
  • Audio Networking (Dante & Madi)
  • Grand MA Lighting Systems
  • Broadcast Cameras
  • Waves LV1 Consoles
  • RF Management
  • Any experience in integration with live production systems is a plus

  • Full-time — salaried (exempt) position with a competitive benefits package offering paid time off, retirement, and 100% coverage of Health, Vision & Dental.
  • The normal workweek is Sunday through Thursday with Fridays & Saturdays off.

    The salary offered will be discussed in the first phone call and is based on the experience and ability of the candidate.

    Reports to: Worship & Creative Pastor

    Regularly Collaborates with: Communication, Production Teams, & Worship Teams at New North Church.


    Ready to take the next step?

    If after prayerfully reviewing this information, you sense this role and church culture could be a good fit for you, please contact:

    Caleb Loeppky //