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Hope Reformed Church was organized in 1950 as a member of the Reformed Church of America with fourteen member families. Seventy years later, God has grown Hope Church to 365 attending two services in person and online on Sunday seeking to find their place in His family.

Over the years, Hope Church has completed building projects where the congregation enjoys gathering and is equipped for community outreach, vibrant youth ministry, and similar ministries that reach various groups in the broader community of Spencer.  Hope is a welcoming congregation that invites the community to join in passionate worship and meaningful fellowship.

Hope Church desires to be a light for Jesus in Spencer, Northwest Iowa, the country, and the world. Hope Church is intentional about serving the local community as the physical hands and feet of Jesus and they are actively involved with multiple global mission projects. They provide support to nine missionaries and their families. Until recently, Hope has been deeply committed to a long-term mission effort in Haiti - previously sending two teams each year to aid missionaries they support.



We are here to bring joy to Jesus and to experience joy in Him. 
We believe that God has created us to worship Him. He is the Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer of humanity, and therefore it is only right that we honor Him as having the highest value in the universe.  At the same time, we believe that being in relationship with Jesus and living for Him is the best possible place any human being can be. When we live for His glory, we find the deepest joy we can imagine.

VALUES - What brings joy to Jesus?

Purposeful Learning
Passionate Worship
Meaningful Fellowship
Whole-hearted Service
Holy Living
Loving Outreach



The first thing the ideal candidate needs to know about Hope Church is that the Bible matters - and so does the preaching and teaching of it. Hope is seeking a pastor who loves the Word of God, loves studying it, interpreting it, and teaching it in a way that draws people closer to Christ.

Hope Church cares about "What God has to say about this?" The Lead Pastor takes us to the teaching of the Bible to get that answer – not the world’s view or influential leaders.


Hope Church's community has a small-town feel with a big focus on relationships. The right candidate for this role will know when it is time to be in the office studying and when it is time to come out and do life with people. The next Lead Pastor of Hope Church will sincerely enjoy both.

Fortunately, the church is blessed with an established staff and volunteers who lead well in their respective areas.  The Lead Pastor won't need to be all things to all people and will instead get to enjoy people and engage with them.


The Lead Pastor will be able to show they are wired for, and passionate about, empowering the staff to lead the church on the path Jesus is calling them to follow.

The right candidate for this role will be able to prayerfully discern God’s local vision, invite others to join in the effort, and work to see that happen.  The Lead Pastor will enjoy the partnership of an active Leadership team that will assist in carrying the leadership load as necessary.


One of the most critical pieces of understanding Hope Church is an intention to integrate into the life of the Spencer community. The staff and congregation of Hope Church care deeply for the surrounding area's health and have already established a much-respected presence. With the Lord’s blessing, the right Lead Pastor for this role will work to invigorate these efforts as an invested community member for years to come.



The team at Hope Church is very aware of the hand of God moving in and around their community. Hope feels a sense of great expectation as they sense this could be one of those special "for such a time as this" seasons at Hope Church. The Lead Pastor will be joining a team who is anticipating playing a critical role in what God is doing. This beautiful reality necessitates an energized pastor for a significant season of life and ministry.


Hope Church continues to be staffed and led by men and women who are wholeheartedly committed to Christ, the Church, and one another. At the same time, they experienced challenges in how they were led and loved through the recent season.  It’s a leadership team that needs Jesus more than ever.  While the existing team is joyfully stepping up to share the leadership load in this interim transition, the staff is looking forward to completing the team.  

The right Lead Pastor for Hope Church will come alongside the Consistory and staff by facilitating a culture of leadership modeled by Christ.  It’s a team that can contribute not just their full individual potential but, even more, realize the synergy possible as they joyfully work together toward Christ's vision for Hope Church.


Hope Church is a church family with members that range from extremely excited to those that have been confused and hurt by the exit of the former Lead Pastor. It’s a church family that needs Jesus more than ever.

The Consistency and church membership is actively considering if affiliation with the Reformed Church of America continues to best suite Hope.  Regardless of the decision, there will be different viewpoints between members.   

The right Lead Pastor for Hope Church will come alongside people that are both hurting and hopeful.  This person will trust that God is faithful to sustain their faith while they work to feed God's flock with His Word.  In the process, they will find a church that is seeking a new season of life and service together!


Spencer is nestled in Clay County, Iowa, and is the hub of northwest Iowa where highways 71 and 18 converge, and the Little Sioux and Ocheyedan Rivers meet. Spencer is centrally located in Northwest Iowa, making it the area's employment, retail, and medical hub. It has all the amenities to be self-sufficient. It is a community of approximately 11,500 people and boasts a Main Street community hub with both historic ties and vibrant development. The average home price in Spencer is around $170,000. Spencer is consistently awarded national attention as one of the safest places to live, work and play in the United States.

Clay County is known for the Worlds Greatest County Fair in September. Many outdoor activities include trails, golf and frisbee golf courses, parks, theaters, fishing, swimming pool, boating, hunting, and a skateboard park. Spencer is only 20 minutes away from the Iowa Great Lakes, which provides much activity and brings in tourists in the summer months.  

Spencer has a thriving school system and many community organizations which provide a wide variety of things to the community. Many people volunteer to help with events or just help a neighbor in need. While Spencer is an aging community with almost 25% of the people 65 or older, there has been an increase of younger people moving into the area.


Position Summary:

The Lead Pastor casts a vision and leads the organization including, but not limited to, by providing spiritual guidance, biblical preaching, Christ-centered worship services, accountability, outreach, networking, relationship development and management of the staff.

Position Description:

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  •  Provide visionary leadership for Hope Church.
  •  Plan and carry out the worship services at Hope Church, serving as the primary preacher.
  •  Lead funeral services, as requested, for the members and friends of Hope Church when available.
  •  Administer weddings of members, friends, and children of members of Hope Church when available.
  •  Administer the sacraments in accordance with designated RCA practices and schedules.
  •  Provide supervision to the church staff, leading staff meetings and meeting regularly with each staff person. Partnering with the Staff Management team.
  •  Lead the Consistory, providing direction and vision to the Consistory and setting Consistory meeting agendas. Partnering with the Executive team.
  •  Actively participates in Congregational Care. Developing personal relationships with many in the congregation, making hospital visits and shut-in visits, and responding to crisis and emergency calls.
  •  Participates in and actively promotes the local ministerial association, classis pastoral network, regional and denominational programs.
  •  Participates in community activities and functions and volunteers time outside of church programs for the community.
  •  All staff members are encouraged to volunteer outside of their ministry.
  •  Be a part of the church staff team, attending staff meetings and encouraging and supporting the overall mission of the church.
  •  Additional roles and responsibilities according to giftedness and passion, as well as the needs of the church.
  •  Other responsibilities as assigned.


The Lead Pastor is supervised by the Staff Management team and is accountable to the Consistory of Hope Church. As an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament, the Lead Pastor is a member of and under the supervision of the Classis of East Sioux in the Reformed Church in America (RCA).


Ready to take the next step?

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If, after prayerfully reviewing this information, you sense this role and church culture could be a good fit for you, please REACH OUT.

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