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Taking a simple approach to ministry—to humbly, faithfully and diligently follow God’s will at every turn and new chapter, Covenant Church is quick to give God the glory for all He has done in growing the church and transforming people’s lives. Their leadership remains anchored to their unique identity and calling while stewarding their resources to reach an increasing number of people who call Covenant Church home. 

In the 1980s Covenant Church experienced varied growth patterns, including dipping below 100 attendees. Current senior pastor, Bob Myers, came to Covenant Church in 2002.  Total attendance was about 400 at that time.  The congregation began to grow and moved to their current facility in March 2008. Immediately upon moving to this location, the number of attendees increased to approximately 760 (including children). 

Since then, Covenant Church has experienced steady and substantial growth with an average attendance of 1400 weekly (including children).  Currently, Covenant is taking courageous steps to be BOLDER in their Vision, Faith, and Impact. As they continue to look outward in mission and forward to the future, they see their building as one of the tools God's given them to expand the footprint of the Gospel in the community boldly. With a strong desire to reach Doylestown with the hope of the Gospel and to see the movement of God continue, never has there been more at stake in terms of Covenant’s continued expansion and momentum. 

You can find out more about their building expansion, a project that will more than double their facility and is to be completed fall 2019, by clicking here.

Covenant Church is a vibrant, unique and grace-filled church. Their story is one filled with humble beginnings, gospel-centered ministry and all-in volunteers and leaders. Very much a part of their DNA they seek to be both attractional and missional – a place to come and a people sent out.

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Church Motto

Deeply flawed, but more deeply loved.


Making it impossible to ignore the unique greatness of Jesus; thus glorifying God by demonstrating His worthiness in a clearly visible way. 


"Building a community to reach a community"


Covenant Church glorifies God by introducing people to Jesus Christ in a way that engages them and then transforms them into devoted followers of Christ who in turn participate in introducing others to Jesus Christ. 


Missional — The world is not commanded to come to church, we are to be Christ’s ambassadors where we live, work, and play.
Relevant — With grace and in love, we point people to the Bible, giving straight answers to life’s most pressing questions.
Accessible — We strive to remove every difficulty or excuse that might keep people from Christ. 
Relational — We want to be a place where people know and are known.
Transformational — We seek change that is a by-product of the gospel - change that alters every aspect of life.


Engage – Introducing people who are far from God in Central Bucks to fullness of life in Jesus Christ in a way that is attractive, compelling, and that resonates with the unreached people who live here, so they give God a true and fair hearing.
Enfold – Enfold in welcoming community through small groups and vital relational connections that are hospitable, welcoming, and thoughtful towards the needs of unreached people, openly including them. Covenant Church is not merely a church that has “small groups.” Covenant Church has determined to be a church that consists of small groups, which function as the central nervous system of the Body.  
Equip – Transform them by truth in love into devoted followers of Christ who in turn participate in relating to others and introduce them to Jesus Christ. Our equipping ministry includes pace-setting content from the preaching, practical life change in small groups.
Extend – We envision becoming a resourcing, flagship church that plants churches in our community and region and generously shares our resources with others.


Covenant Church currently offers three weekend worship experiences. Every worship experience at Covenant Church is an inviting one that continues to draw guests from mere observation to participation. The music is contemporary both in style and substance. The music is lively and worshipful.  Bob Myers and Rob Chifokoyo (our two lead teachers) are both excellent communicators that provide relevant, but not watered-down Bible-based teaching.

The open and inviting environment is immediately evident as people step on the church campus. Their message is unashamedly and unapologetically Christ-centered and grounded in a gospel-centered understanding of the Scriptures.  Their passion for honoring and glorifying God is driven by a commitment to Gospel-alignment and a beating heart that seeks to reach others for Christ.  

Always aiming to keep the main thing the main thing, Covenant Church recognizes that ministry can often get bogged down and overly complicated. They streamline their message to focus on the essentials, discuss convictions and avoid preferences. Never wanting to dumb down or offer Christianity lite, they avoid church jargon and theological terminology while preaching the radical message of free grace and absolute surrender.


Covenant Church is a staff-led and Elder-governed church. Lead Pastor Bob Myers began working at Covenant in 2002. His teaching style is expositional in delivery while maintaining a conversational tone. His immediately apparent balance of transparency and methodical teaching invites people to follow Jesus while challenging them to take the next step toward a surrendered life. Bob comes across as a humble, servant-leader with a confidence and comfort level that makes him feel like a friend.  His vulnerability has endeared him to this body of believers and continues to connect with the many visitors who walk through their doors every week.

Executive Pastor Rob Bloss joined the staff at Covenant in early 2018. Rob is passionately committed to embracing the truth that ministry is not confined within the walls of the church but extends to our homes, places of work, and our involvement in our community and world. Rob brings a complementary set of gifts and skills to help Bob as they lead and shepherd Covenant and its dedicated staff. Currently, four full-time pastors and more than a dozen full-time staff and part-time staff members lead the various ministries at Covenant Church. Covenant is intentional about providing staff with the coaching, resources, clarity of goals and expectations and the freedom needed to excel. While each ministry has a unique role to play, each one contributes to the greater sense of mission, vision, and values that unite them. 

At Covenant, people feel valued, cared for, encouraged to grow and always bring their best. This is a great time to become part of God’s story at Covenant Church!



The staff at Covenant Church is aware of the need for a new infusion of spiritual passion and leadership for the student ministries. Currently, Covenant is hoping to see an emphasis on relationship building within the ministry. The Student Ministries Pastor at Covenant Church will also thrive if they understand the value of earning the right to be heard by students. A real strength they're looking for is someone who can help build a culture to make outsiders feel like insiders. This means being intentional about the events on the calendar and the content/teaching delivered through small group and large group gatherings. 

Covenant is committed to finding a passionate leader who recognizes they have a very limited amount of time to teach students why Jesus is WORTH following. This new student ministry hire will be responsible for bringing focus, strategy and overall leadership to student ministry at Covenant Church. The filling of this role will also signal to parents and the broader community Covenant Church’s commitment to the spiritual development of the next generation. They are above all, seeking someone who will initiate next steps at engaging, equipping, and empowering the student ministry volunteer leaders. A caring and pastoral demeanor coupled with confidence, competency and humility is the key to one’s success in ministry at Covenant Church.

They are prayerfully seeking someone who will jump in as a team member embracing the work that God is doing and pastor them relationally…one who will help shape the strategy and vision for student ministry to reach teenagers in the community. Covenant Church is fertile ground for a spiritually mature, highly motivated student ministry leader who loves to work with high capacity people in a community with few limitations. The competent staff is eager for someone who will work hard to execute effective ministry to the next generation and together, believe the time is now!

Our goal is always to create spaces for students to come together and learn what it means to be authentic and loved by Jesus. Our style has always been to build relationships—starting between staff and volunteer leaders, then volunteers with students and then students with peers through small groups. Student Ministry, like our church, should be a place you want to bring your most-irreligious friend. The style should also reflect the style of the larger church, including a commitment to the values of being missional, relevant, accessible, relational and transformational." Rob Bloss — Executive Pastor


Covenant Church is located in Bucks County in the town of Doylestown, Pennsylvania and about an hour from downtown Philadelphia. Over 600,000 people live in Bucks County and with more than 120,000 in the Central Bucks area. The County offers the best of all worlds, in a sense, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor recreation but also has the convenience of being close to urban Philadelphia. 

Expansive growth in recent years has completely changed Covenant Church’s culture and ethos. They are now a multi-generational church with a healthy mix of baby boomers, young families, and young professionals.

Covenant Church is strategically positioned and poised to continue reaching their community as they become a leading church in the region. Their current facility is a destination campus, drawing hundreds of families from across the Central Bucks area. Because they’ve faced several challenges associated with the rapid pace of growth, their new building expansion initiative will double their worship space while providing additional parking and educational/care space for children.


Student Ministries Pastor

Covenant Church’s Student Ministries Pastor serves as the head of the Student Ministry Department at Covenant, overseeing and providing leadership to student ministry staff, students (grades 7-12th grade), and parents.

Capabilities and Characteristics:

  • Passion for God and love for His Word
  • Authentic and approachable
  • Highly relational (caring, personable and genuine on an individual level)
  • Servant-leader who goes first and leads by example in all areas of life and ministry
  • Experience leading leaders
  • Theological alignment with the beliefs and values of Covenant Church
  • Committed to the Vision, Mission and Purpose of Covenant Church
  • Able to communicate effectively with parents and students (written and verbal)
  • Self-motivated and energized by a calling to student ministry
  • Relationally endearing to staff, parents, students and church body
  • Self-disciplined, organized, strong work ethic
  • Encourager and team player
  • Effective at leading, planning, and executing student worship services 
  • Accountable in relationships with elders, staff, leaders and parents
  • Collaborative approach to implementing solutions
  • Comfortable leading and learning in a multi-generational staff and context
  • Reports To:

  • Executive Pastor
  • Relates closely with:

  • Student Ministry Staff
  • Student Small Group Leaders/Volunteers 
  • Parents
  • Children's Ministry Pastor and Young Adults Pastor
  • Primary Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and lead Youth Ministry and serve as a key staff member who provides staff leadership for all youth ministries (7-12th grade). 
  • Pursue the mission and vision of the church as it pertains to Student Ministry, families, and surrounding community.
  • Plan events for service, fellowship, outreach and fun with a goal to broaden the student’s participation in the overall body of the church.
  • Develop and deliver passionate, impactful and relevant teaching to students.
  • Provide opportunities for effective evangelism and ministry to un-churched teenagers in the area.
  • Mentor and shepherd individual teens to bring them to maturity in Christ.
  • Attend school functions and be present for other activities that students participate in.
  • Recruit, train, and shepherd adult volunteer leaders and student volunteers.
  • Qualifications:

  • Four-year Degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Minimum of two years experience in Student Ministry (para-church or church) that experienced growth in numbers and changed lives.
  • Strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a commitment to serve Him.
  • Gospel-centered Bible teaching gifts that particularly engage and connect teens through various use of contemporary media.
  • A demonstrated team player who understands the importance of communication throughout the organization as a valuable tool in creating unity in the church.
  • Excellent skills in verbal and written communication.
  • Compensation Package:

  • Total compensation = (Negotiable based on experience and education)
  • If, after a thorough reading of this document, you'd like to be considered for this exciting opportunity to join the staff at Covenant Church, please contact us at one of the options listed below.


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