PRESENTS: Student Pastor

at Lakeshore Community Church Greece, New York


"How does the church reach people who may be interested in God but not necessarily in church?"

"How does God's truth change people's lives?"

These two questions are the driving force behind why Senior Pastor Vince DiPaola and his family decided to start Lakeshore Community Church in 1994.

Rochester New York is in desperate need of a church like Lakeshore, with less than 10% of people in the area identifying as Christian.

With 50% of first time visitors at Lakeshore identifying as "not Christian," today Lakeshore can say they are effectively answering the 2 questions that drove Pastor Vince to start the church.

Today Lakeshore has grown to 800 in weekly attendance, with a beautiful 40,000 square foot facility in the heart of Greece, NY and a new youth addition already fully funded to be built in the spring of 2019.

The community truly views Lakeshore as a place for non-church types. It's common to hear stories of other church's members inviting their friends to Lakeshore instead of their own church because they believe it's a safer environment for their friends to hear the Gospel and get plugged into church.

Moving forward Lakeshore desires to continue being a driven, smart, family friendly church. They lead with down-to-earth teaching, make the depth and beauty of the gospel accessible, while compelling people to grow deeper in their walk with Christ.



"We dream of helping people discover and develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.”


"To reach people who are indifferent towards Christianity and turn them into difference-makers who are fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ in our church."


Focusing on God

"We are committed to keeping God as the focus of every ministry and every endeavor of our church—we want to make a big deal about God, not about us."

Engaging Services

"We strive to design all of our services to engage people where they are while also maintaining biblical truth in all we say and do."

Pursuing Christ-Likeness

"We believe that Jesus Christ is the perfect Son of God and that striving to live like Him is the greatest way to find meaning and happiness in life."

Being Real

"We believe that church, of all places, should be marked by authenticity. When we are truly genuine and transparent, we give others the freedom to struggle and open up."

Connecting in Community

"We believe that living life in close community with others is the best way to experience the kind of life-change that brings meaning to our relationships."

Impacting Our World

"We are called to live out our faith and express God’s love by investing the time, talents and treasure that God has given us to serve both inside and outside the church walls."

Lakeshore Student Ministry

Lakeshore Student Ministry, an extension of the larger church, has a heart to reach students who may not feel comfortable with church.


Currently Lakeshore's middle and high school ministry meet together on Sunday mornings, averaging around 50 students weekly. Relational connection, practical teaching, and small group conversations are the core that makes up the service.


Lakeshore's student ministry cares tremendously about small groups. This is where students deepen their connection with one another and deepen their understanding of God.


Having done multiple missions trips in the past to Mozambique, Nicaragua, and Italy, Lakeshore has experienced missions as one of the biggest impact to their student ministry and look to continue regular mission's trips into the future.

Lakeshore's student ministry also holds regular event nights, creating a safe place for students to invite their friends who may not normally attend church.


Vince DiPaola is the founding and Sr. Pastor of Lakeshore Community Church. Vince's down-to-earth style of leading helps make church accessible to people in the Rochester, NY region.

Vince is super like-able and fun, leading the staff of Lakeshore with enthusiasm, passion, and humility.

Excelling in leadership, Vince enjoys developing people and then setting them free to lead.

When he's not at Lakeshore, Vince enjoys football (diehard Saints fan), yard work, golf, being with family (especially his grandson, Brandon) and Karate, which he has trained in for nearly 25 years.

View the rest of Lakeshore's Team HERE

Staff Values

  • 1.We treat one another with respect and kindness.
  • 2.We value open, honest communication.
  • 3.What is said in a meeting, stays in the meeting, unless it is for public consumption.
  • 4.We always have each other’s back until the other person is indefensible.
  • 5.We value an open door policy for all staff.
  • Lakeshore's staff is a team of hard workers, self-starters, and visionaries. They are passionate about what they do and love to have fun!



    Lakeshore is eager to get behind a Student Pastor with a strong vision to build something new with the Students of Lakeshore.

    This past year has been a year of transition as Lakeshore has looked for a new Student Pastor. In this transition Lakeshore has focused on caring for their core families and students through Sunday morning ministry and events.

    However, this transition has limited the ability for Lakeshore students to grow, build a thriving volunteer team, develop small groups to its full potential, and to truly reach the students in their community for Christ.

    Lakeshore is looking for a Student Pastor who is able to build into the core group of students, offering an exciting, fun, and life-changing ministry where they can bring their friends.


    Many of the volunteers who are currently serving in the Lakeshore Student Ministry are the reason why the student ministry still exists! They are a passionate group with a huge heart for students. They are ready to be led by the person with the right vision.


    In the spring Lakeshore will break ground on a new addition to their building, creating a new student room that will be better suited for large group events, fun, and inviting friends. Along with this new facility Lakeshore wants to invest into helping the new Student Pastor create a new brand and identity for the student ministry.


    Currently, Lakeshore's Student Ministry is middle school and high school combined. However, they are looking for a leader who has the vision and skills to grow a ministry that will eventually be comprised of separate middle school, high school, and young adults ministry. The student pastor must be able to start hands-on, but be able to build into people, and develop teams to eventually lead these 3 specific age groups.


    Because of the demographics of Lakeshore, the church is reaching families who are far from God. This means many of the students who attend Lakeshore's services come with an unchurched background. Lakeshore's student ministry is for a Student Pastor who has a special heart for those who don't have a churched background. This can make ministry at times more messy, but definitely a lot more more exciting and rewarding.


    Rochester, New York is the third most populous city in New York following New York City and Buffalo, at a population of approximately 200,000. Once an original Boom Town, and the birthplace of Kodak, Rochester has faced challenges as Kodak has all but disappeared and population has subsequently experienced slow decline. With its largest employers being the University of Rochester, Bausch & Lomb, and Xerox, the community has a strong middle class population. This city is predominantly “light blue collar”—hard working, no-pretense people. It is a city characterized by middle class income, low cost of living, and the religious underpinnings of generations of Catholicism. 

    This is a community that is looking for something to believe in. Rochester is a mission field, as local churches struggle to gain the credibility to speak into the lives of the locals. With less than 10% of the population identifying as evangelical Christians, this is a community that will step into church with little knowledge about Christianity.

    There are a ton of reasons to want to move to Rochester. Here are just a few:

  • 1.Great place for families and has high rated schools and colleges.
  • 2.It's super affordable to live in Rochester.
  • 3.The food is amazing!
  • 4.Local sports!
  • And more! For a full list of why Rochester is awesome, read HERE.

    Background video is drone footage by Advanced Media Productions in the Greece, NY community.



    To effectively lead and develop ministries for Middle School students (6-8 grade), High School students (9-12 grade), and Young Adults that help students and their families discover and develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Big Four: Middle & High School Students; Young Adults; Student & Young Adult Small Groups; Student Ministry Leadership Development

    Position Responsibilities & Vision

  • Set and direct the vision of the Student Ministries in order to reach more teens and young adults for Christ in a way that fulfills the church’s vision.
  • Establish solid leadership at all Student Ministry programs and events, including large group and small group environments.
  • Develop large group programs that are fun, engaging, and effective at reaching young people at various stages of spiritual maturity.
  • Ensure consistent and effective communication with parents of students.
  • Create environments and opportunities for Young Adults to connect, grow, and experience Jesus in relevant ways.
  • Continually develop our student and young adult small groups so that more young people are connected to a caring, adult leader and consistently challenged to take the next right step in their relationship with Jesus.
  • Continually raise up and develop leaders who help you carry out the ministry to both students and young adults.
  • Steward and manage the ministry’s annual budget.
  • Perform occasional pastoral responsibilities outside of the ministry such as occasional weddings, funerals, and other pastoral care activities.
  • Personal Abilities & Skills

  • Organizational and administrative abilities to plan effective events and coordinate many volunteers.
  • Strong giftedness and confidence in public teaching and preaching.
  • Ability to continually recruit, build, train, develop, and unleash a growing team of adult volunteers.
  • A consistent self-starter who is willing to accept responsibility for the success of their ministry.
  • Strong ability to work with people of various temperaments, gifts, passions, and church backgrounds.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with teenagers, young adults, parents, leaders, and staff members.
  • Desire to work closely with people and staff in order to develop meaningful friendships with them.
  • Creative abilities to regularly think “outside the box” and be a “calculated risk-taker”.
  • Spiritual Gifts & Passion Areas (in no particular order) Leadership, Administration, Teaching, Shepherding

    Personal Qualifications

  • Experience: Minimum 2 years experience in a similar role.
  • Education: Minimum 4-year degree from an accredited college, preferably with a Bible degree.
  • An intimate & authentic relationship with God exemplified by a deep love for people.
  • Striving to live with integrity and honesty in all areas.
  • Regular observance of spiritual growth disciplines: Bible reading/study, prayer, Sabbath, solitude, journaling, accountable relationships.
  • Decisions marked by a genuine faith and trust in God.
  • Biblical leadership of the family, with intentional focus on living authentically at home, not just at church.
  • Possesses a teachable spirit and attitude.
  • Has experience within an attractional philosophy of ministry.
  • Reports to: Senior Pastor


    Ready to take the next step?

    To find out additional information about Lakeshore Community Church, please visit to discover their core beliefs, vision and values and to learn about many other ministries of the church.

    If, after prayerfully reviewing this information, you sense this role and church culture could be a good fit for you, please contact Matt Carroll via any of the options below.

    Matt Carroll // 434.610.1215 //