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Located in the suburbs of beautiful Seattle, Highlands Community Church has been helping people find and follow Jesus since 1946. This non-denominational, multi-generational, family-friendly, Bible-preaching church seeks to bring the message of hope and healing to a broken world through the gospel.

Highlands is a solid, well-respected church. In its rich 73-year history, the church has experienced effective long-term ministry under the leadership of only three senior/lead pastors.  Current Lead Pastor, Jesse Campbell, has been leading Highlands since the summer of 2018. His youthful enthusiasm combined with powerful teaching and strong leadership has been embraced by young and old alike. There is a fresh excitement in the air at HCC.

Highlands Community Church is a warm and friendly place made up of real people who genuinely love each other. There is a strong core of volunteers who embrace its mission of helping people find and follow Jesus.  Strong Bible preaching has long been a priority for the church as it settles for nothing less than authentic and theologically-sound teaching.

Worship also plays a key role at Highlands. The church is committed to becoming a community of passionate worshipers. The creative design and execution of its modern services is not showy, yet reflects a high standard of excellence and draws families of all ages. The church genuinely desires for people to experience a growing and deepening relationship with God and with the people around them.

The staff at HCC is competent, trusted and highly connected to the people and mission of the church. While the pace of the weekend services on both campuses is brisk, the rest of the week is more relaxed, and focused on meeting needs and equipping people for ministry. There is a healthy culture of trust among its highly-relational staff.

For the last ten years, Highlands has been a multi-site church with a second campus just 20 minutes away in the nearby community of Kent. The Kent campus duplicates the DNA of its main campus with both live preaching and worship. Both campuses have a relaxed style as they help people experience God’s grace and love in every encounter.

What began with a family opening up their home for a neighborhood Bible club more than 70 years ago has grown to a church family of over 2,500 people across six weekend services and two campuses.



Helping people find and follow Jesus


Bringing the hope and healing of the gospel to our broken world


Highlands values the Ephesians 4 model of “equipping the saints” for the work of ministry. Both staff and volunteer leaders are committed to developing others through biblical discipleship. As a result, more than 60% of the congregation is actively serving.

Preaching is exegetical and follows a book-by-book plan the entire church (all ages) embraces. Worship plays a key role in this model as the Creative Arts Department is encouraged to write and produce songs corresponding to this book-by-book teaching.

Small groups are the primary vehicle for discipleship at Highlands. Groups are both extrinsic and intrinsic as they focus on both caring for one another and doing life together, as well as sharing the gospel with others.

Missions has also been a value at Highlands from the beginning. Sending out short term and long-term missionaries continues to be a priority. Over 100 people have already committed to short term missions in 2019 alone.

Highlands places a high priority on the next generation. From the beginning, Highlands has provided world-class ministries for children and students that include high-quality worship experiences, in order to raise up and develop a generation of passionate, skilled and effective worship leaders for the future.

To learn more about "What We Believe" at Highlands, click here.


Highlands is a multi-generational congregation. From young couples and families to Boomers and senior adults, the community continues to be drawn to this family-friendly church for its commitment to strong Bible teaching, and effective children and student ministries. The surrounding community is multi-ethnic with many employed at Boeing’s nearby Renton facility.


Music and worship have played a vital role throughout the history of Highlands. From the early days of choirs, orchestras, and productions to the modern style today, Highlands has kept pace with the ever-changing worship trends of the contemporary Christian church. Services today are highly engaging and led by competent teams of staff and volunteers who embrace passionate worship, authenticity, and musical excellence.


Highlands is an elder-led congregation. The Elders are primarily responsible for governance, the Lead Pastor for vision, non-governing elders for shepherding, and the staff for management.

Jesse Campbell has served as Lead Pastor since August of 2018. He, along with his wife and young family, bring vibrancy to the Highlands community. Jesse is a gifted teacher, and a strong, collaborative and highly-relational leader.

Complementing Jesse’s leadership is Nick Dalgardno, Executive Pastor of Ministries and Strategy, and Derek Nelson, Executive Pastor of Ministries and Leadership Development. Together, the leadership of Highlands is visionary, strategic, and highly personal.


Highlands is a well-established church with a quality worship ministry that is poised and ready for strong leadership that will help take it to the next level. There is a consensus among staff and volunteers to see the church maintain authenticity and musical excellence while expanding its reach in creativity, shepherding, mentoring, songwriting, and passionate worship.

While the congregation is currently embracing the interim leadership of rotating worship teams and leaders, there is a growing desire to find a Worship and Creative Arts Director and Team Leader who can lead, cast vision, and develop the worship ministry into a growing and vibrant ministry of the church.


Located just 20 minutes from downtown Seattle, near the southeast shores of Lake Washington, Renton is one of the most sought-after communities in the Puget Sound region. With a population of 97,000, it offers many outdoor opportunities such as hiking, biking, camping, and water sports of all kinds. Outside church, Highlands families are active, enjoying local lakes and mountains, and many of the other unique opportunities that the Pacific Northwest offers.  

Seattle is world-renowned for its iconic architecture, rich cultural scene, cuisine from around the world, and it is a coffee lover’s paradise. “The Emerald City” is also home to the Seattle Mariners, Sounders FC, and Seahawks. While the region supports many businesses, it is known as a major technology center and home to many high-tech software companies.

Renton includes people of all socio-economic status. 50% of the population is between the ages of 25-54, with a minority population of nearly 20%. The cost of housing is “affordable” compared to other west coast cities, including Seattle. In many ways, Renton offers the best of the West with all of the amenities of a large metropolitan area combined with the benefits of a strategically-located bedroom community.

WATCH THIS: Are YOU the next Worship and Creative Arts Team Leader?

A message from Jesse Campbell, Lead Pastor (Highlands Community Church)


Worship and Creative Arts Team Leader | Position Profile

The Worship and Creative Arts Team Leader is responsible for all Worship and Creative Arts Teams and worship services as a part of HCC’s overall discipleship process. They report to the Executive Pastor of Ministries and Leadership Development, and participate on the Lead Team. They must be versatile and able to fulfill the varying responsibilities that arise as Highlands Community Church anticipates continued growth.

The Worship and Creative Arts Team Leader should possess:

  • Heart for the ministry within the local church
  • Qualities of life and practice that demonstrate spiritual maturity meeting scriptural requirements of a deacon or deaconess (Romans 16:1; 1 Timothy 3)
  • Minimum of 7-10 years experience as a staff member in a ministry leadership capacity
  • Bachelor’s Degree in biblical studies or related field (Extensive ministry experience can be substituted in some cases)
  • Solid work ethic and ability to administrate as a leader of leaders with a demonstrated the ability to recruit and train leaders
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office 365, social networking apps, and database systems (Shelby, Planning Center Online) (preferred)
  • The Worship and Creative Arts Team Leader will be motivated to:

  • Adhere to the HCC bylaws including the Statement of Faith and the HCC Code of Conduct (upon Board adoption) with a lifestyle that exhibits both true Christian love and personal holiness
  • Engage in regular devotional life of prayer, Bible study, and scripture memory, communicating biblical truth, and personal discipleship
  • Actively build friendships in order to share one’s faith with unbelievers
  • Consistently contribute, as a good steward of God’s blessings, such time, talent, and resources, so that HCC’s local and worldwide ministry of spreading the gospel may continue
  • Actively seek out current trends of Worship ministry in order to provide relevant and engaging worship experiences
  • Faithfully participate and serve as an active member of the HCC community
  • The Worship and Creative Arts Team Leader will be responsible for using specific gifts, passions, and leadership abilities in order to:

  • Provide spiritual guidance and service to other staff, team members, and members of the congregation
  • Function as overall leader of all Highlands worship and creative arts volunteer teams and staff (including, but not limited to, worship bands, vocalists, media, ushers and song writers) on all campuses ensuring musical excellence, relevant song selection and exceptional sermon series branding
  • Recruit, equip, invest in and cast vision for all worship and creative arts teams and church locations, implementing simple, clear and regular leader recruitment and training that ensures a healthy reproduction of leaders and teams over time
  • Oversee worship and creative arts department budgets
  • Lead worship for weekly services and develop others to do the same
  • Champion the song writing process at Highlands
  • Oversee the production and execution of Christmas and Easter Services church wide
  • Provide support for any “all staff” initiatives including staff chapel, fall kickoff and other seasonal events
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Pastor of Ministries and Leadership Development
  • Reports to:

  • Executive Pastor of Ministries and Leadership Development
  • Provides Direct Oversight to:

  • Worship and Creative Arts support staff
  • Relates Closely With:

  • Pastoral Lead Team
  • Worship and Creative Arts Ministry volunteers
  • Other Highlands directors and staff
  • Compensation Package:

  • Total compensation negotiable, based on experience and education. The Worship and Creative Arts Team Leader position is a full-time (40 hr/wk) position with salary (exempt from FLSA) and benefits including family medical/dental coverage; 401(k); professional training; vacation/holidays/sick PTO. NOTE: Relocation/Housing Assistance may also be available.


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    To find out additional information about Highlands Community Church, please visit https://highlandscc.org/ to discover their core beliefs, vision and values and to learn about many other ministries of the church.

    If, after prayerfully reviewing this information, you sense this role and church culture could be a good fit for you, please contact Dave Morgan via any of the options below.

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