Centreville Presbyterian Church

Centreville, VA


Centreville Presbyterian Church began on January 18, 1987. With several short stints in community centers and elementary schools, the church was able to purchase land within two years of their launch!

One of the organizational pastors, Reverend Rob Bromhead became the first Senior Pastor of CPC in January 1993. The church continued to experience steady growth through the 1990's and was able to purchase new land early in 2000. They moved to this property, where they currently worship, in 2005.

Late in the last decade the church went through some dramatic changes as the congregation voted (more than 90%) to leave the PCUSA and become part of the ECO Denomination. The change brought about difficulties but the congregation saw so many blessings. The Fresh Start Campaign raised nearly 2 million dollars which allowed the congregation to leave the denominnation and purchase their building back, but also do needed renovations to the current building.

Centrevelle Presbyterian is truly a multi-generational congregation located in the beautiful community of Centreville, Virginia, in the DC suburbs. The church has a first-class reputation. The people of Centreville Presbyterian Church (CPC) are intentional in their efforts to reach the community with the love of God and believe that supporting the student ministry is one key way of carrying out this mission.

Today, CPC is made up of many maturing believers who seek to reach out to friends and neighbors who do not know Jesus in an effort to be invitational in all they do.


Who They Are

  • Weekly youth group on Sunday evening 6:30-8pm
  • Regularly scheduled youth events (lock-ins, bowling, paintball, etc.)
  • Service projects
  • Middle School Summer Camp
  • High School Summer Camp
  • Intergenerational mission trips
  • What They Need

    CPC is looking for a self-motivated, creative individual to partner with the leadership team that will reach the youth and their families. The Director of Student Ministries will work closely with volunteers in the ministry areas to not only reach, but then disciple the teens so that the impact is felt in the immediate area and beyond! The youth ministry spans the grades of 6 to 12.

    What Is Currently Happening

    The youth ministry is supported by a handful of faithful volunteers who assist with the students. This team is creatively ministering on a weekly basis, but intentionally keeping the activities to a minimum so the new leader has the opportunity to create new events.


    Rob Bromhead and Aaron McMillan serve as Co-Pastors of Centreville Presbyterian. The church is currently working through a succession plan that will have Pastor Rob retire late in 2020 as Aaron McMillan becomes the Senior Pastor.

    During Rob's ministry at Centreville the Lord has grown this community of faith from a mission to a thriving church that has equipped many people who have received a call from God for full time ministry as pastors and missionaries. Rob has also served as a coach for a number of pastors who are called to plant new churches.

    Prior to being called to CPC, Rob served as Associate Pastor at Little Falls Presbyterian in Arlington, VA from 1979 to 1986, where he also coordinated the Youth Ministry and directed the Fun in the Son Northeast conference. From 1986 to 1989, Rob was a solo pastor at Southwestern Presbyterian, an urban church in southwest Philadelphia, PA.

    Aaron McMillan started as Co-Pastor in January 2020.  Prior to his time at CPC Aaron has led churches in Alabama, New Mexico, and Michigan. Aaron’s passion is creating communities where everyday people flourish and bring flourishing to the world through the power of the Gospel.  When he is not at CPC you will find him trying that new local restaurant, headed to the mountains with his bike or enjoying his amazing wife and four kids: Amy, Emily, Wilson, Lucy, and Josh.



    We believe in one sovereign God, Creator of the universe, who eternally exists in three equal persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit—the Holy Trinity.


    We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, both fully God and fully human. We believe that he lived a sinless life on earth in perfect obedience to the Father—offering up his life on the Cross as a perfect sacrifice for the sins of all people. We believe that he rose again on the third day and ascended into heaven where he is seated on the right hand of God as our High Priest and Lord.


    We believe that the Holy Spirit is a gift given to all who believe. We believe that the Holy Spirit actively resides in the life of every believer as the source of understanding Scripture, Godly wisdom, strength in tribulation, and guidance in our relationships with God. The Holy Spirit intercedes for us in prayer and is actively working to transform us to be more like Christ.


    We believe that the Bible, in its original manuscripts, is the inspired and inerrant Word of God—infallible in its teaching and the final authority on all matters of faith and everyday life.


    We believe that the church is the gathering of believers who acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. Acting as the body of Christ, we believe the church is called to go out and share in the life and person of Jesus Christ. The church, while it is filled with broken and imperfect people, finds healing, hope, and joy in the perfect love of God.


    We believe that justification is by faith alone, something that cannot be earned, and through it we are given access to a right standing relationship with God


    We believe that salvation and its resulting eternal relationship with God is offered by his grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe salvation is received through faith in Christ, repentance, and not by good works.

    Centreville Presbyterian Church is a member of ECO, a Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.  More information on ECO HERE



    Create, recreate & expand the ministry to middle and high school students— very few traditions (if any) exist (which could be seen as a blessing)— the new Director of Student Ministries will need to have the ability to build upon the small foundation and establish creative ways to minister to the preteens, teens and families.

    The new Director, will thrive if he or she prioritizes relationships with students, empowerment of adult leaders and communication/partnership with parents.


    The new person should have an outward-faced demeanor (likely be or lean towards being an extrovert) so that he or she can build the ministry by both building into existing community (churched) and reaching the surrounding community (unchurched).


    The new Director will need to recruit, train and sustain a base of volunteers to lead a growing ministry. This person should have confidence in his or her abilities with adults while still maintaining solid relationships with students. This person will empower the leaders in every way to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


    Because the student ministry is going through changes there is an enormous opportunity for the new leader to grab the low-hanging fruit and gain fantastic momentum right away. Because "change" is typically difficult for many, the new leader should come in with a mentality to build relational equity before making wholesale changes, however some simple wins would include: improved communication with parents, consistent (weekly) communication with volunteer leaders, regular engagement with students (games, events, concerts). Essentially, the church longs for a leader who will "do life" with the students and families.


    Centreville, a city with a population of approximately 80,000 experienced great growth in the late 1990s and early 2000s due to an influx of companies, businesses, and corporations moving to town. Centreville is a modernized city and densely populated. It is located roughly 25 miles west of Washington DC.

    Centreville offers the best of both worlds, big-city amenities yet the feel of smaller, family-oriented community. Centreville and the surrounding communities still have much more affordable housing options than those offered closer to DC.

    For more information about Centreville and the surrounding communities CLICK HERE.


    Director of Student Ministry

    This position is to make disciples for Christ by developing and implementing a Gospel-centered approach to Student Ministry. This individual loves God and is dedicated to following Jesus faithfully, loves His people with humility and grace, and has a calling to connect with middle and high school students. This individual understands the power of the Gospel and is able to communicate the Gospel in creative and engaging ways. This position is accountable to Senior Pastor or as assigned.

    Job Description


  • Provide oversight, direction and coordination of the Student Ministry program for middle school and high school students that puts an emphasis on Biblical literacy, prayer, and discipleship.
  • Coordinate and organize events throughout the year that focus on spiritual formation, fellowship, and outreach like retreats, conferences, and missions trips.
  • Recruit, train, nurture students to become active in the church community.
  • Seek opportunities in the community to reach students for the Gospel.
  • Work with the Director of Children’s Ministry to develop a plan for discipleship that presents opportunities for the family and the church to come alongside each child as they grow in their faith.
  • Engage college age students to assist in their walk with Jesus Christ.

  • Teaching

  • Equip parents to be the primary source of discipleship in the life of their children through resources, seminars, and other opportunities for them to parent through the lens of the gospel (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).
  • Preach on occasion, as determined by the Senior Pastor.
  • Off-site opportunities for student studies or gatherings.
  • Leadership Development

  • Recruit, train and equip adult leaders to support the Student Ministry.
  • Work cooperatively with other local churches and student ministry leaders to develop inter-church and interdenominational relationships.
  • Administration

  • Develop and manage a ministry budget for the year.
  • Plan and submit an annual calendar of events for the Student Ministry.
  • Communicate effectively with the students, parents, staff, and congregation. Familiarity with social media.
  • Constant Contact familiarity preferred.
  • Coordinate administration for all student ministry events including registration, payments, and planning.
  • Align Student Ministry goals with CPC’s Strategic Plan
  • Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree. A degree in Student Ministry, Theological, or Biblical Studies is preferred.
  • Aligns with the Essential Tenets, Polity, and Confessional Standards of ECO
  • 40 hour position Compensation may include an additional incentive assistance funds for housing or college


    Ready to take the next step?

    To find out additional information about Centreville Presbyterian Church please visit to discover their core beliefs, vision and values and to learn about many other ministries of the church.

    If, after prayerfully reviewing this information, you sense this role and church culture could be a good fit for you, please contact Brian Aaby via any of the options below.

    Brian Aaby // 206.484.3924 // // @brianaaby