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At Community Church

Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania


Dave and Bekah Crosby, founding pastors, launched Community Church in 2003. After six years as a portable church, they purchased seventy acres of land and built their first building in 2009 and are now in the process of completely renovating the church's welcome area, office space, and all of their children's ministry rooms. Along the way, 3,000 people join them in worship each month, and 1,000 participate in a small group.

From the beginning, Community Church has been a multicultural church with no majority ethnic group. As a bedroom community to New York City, the Poconos is a diverse community, and the church reflects the area's patchwork of colors and cultures.

Community Church is known for its love for God and its neighbors. Their single metric of success is partnering with God to inspire people to become fully surrendered followers of Jesus.

Mission, Culture, & Values


Community Church boldly proclaims to its neighbors, "We exist to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus." And they're not kidding. They don't play church. They have a strategic plan to help people take their next step on their way to becoming a fully surrendered follower of Jesus.


JESUS is our message.

PEOPLE are our heart.

GENEROSITY is our privilege.

EXCELLENCE is our spirit.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP is our identity.

HONOR is our calling.

PASSION is our pursuit.


  • Every story matters here
  • We are all about more changed lives
  • We are family

    Community Kids doesn't babysit. They partner with parents and other keys adults in the lives of kids to inspire children to become fully surrendered followers of Jesus. You will see kids having fun and laughing and playing, but all with the larger goal in mind.

    And Community Kids isn't a "drop-off" ministry either -- one where parents drop off their kids so the church can "give their kids some religion." Community thinks ORANGE. They strategically use Orange curriculum so that messages are more engaging, volunteer team members are more intentional, and parents are equipped to disciple their own children.


    Because Community Kids emphasizes relationships, the children's team places a high priority on following up with first-time families with their VIP process. Once families are engaged, if a child misses a Sunday, the team reaches out with a "We missed you!" message in an effort to see them connected with and engaged to the Community Church family.

    The Community Kids team works hard to ensure a fun environment for kids but a safe one, too. They want family members to know that when they drop off their kids, they will learn that God loves them and their Community Kids volunteers do as well! Some of the ways they communicate this message is through

  • an organized and effective kids check-in system
  • top-notch safety and security measures implemented
  • a well-organized and energetic program
  • high-end print material that parents can use with their kids at home.

    It takes a lot of caring adults to lead Community's successful kids' ministry, and they receive excellent training. But more than that, the leaders receive community. All of the leaders are part of teams that do more than show up to serve. They invest in one another, encourage one another, and serve one another. Ministry leaders learn that their investment in children and families works to grow and develop their own hearts for God and strengthens their relationships with others.


    Dave is an empowering leader and strategic thinker who believes in helping those around him succeed. He will do everything in his power to bring out the best in his team and inspire them to dream big. Simultaneously, Dave is a compassionate leader who expects leaders to take risks. He loves his family and is more excited about the future of Community Church than ever before.

    Bekah is a gifted equipper and leader who has shaped Community's healthy, team-first, staff culture and catapulted its small group ministry's development and involvement. Together, Pastors Dave and Bekah are a dynamic team who cast compelling vision and equip their volunteers to lead with power, humility, and grace.

    They are committed to doing whatever it takes to reach their community for Jesus, yet they're not satisfied with just decisions of faith. Instead, they are devoted, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to lead each person in their church to become fully surrendered followers of Jesus.

    Community Church is pastor-led. Their elders serve as advisors to the lead pastor and hold him accountable financially, ethically, theologically, and morally. Community Church is affiliated with the Assemblies of God.


    Work for healthy leaders who will believe in you and support you.

    Experience life on a healthy staff in a relational environment.

    Invest in volunteers who love what they do and support the staff.

    Team up with others who work hard and develop systems so they can work smart, too.


    Community Church is in Monroe County in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. Enjoy easy access to New York City while also being conveniently located near Philadelphia. Residents enjoy snow skiing in the winter and Jersey shore beaches in the summer. Known for its numerous resorts, the Poconos is a spectacular place to live, with an abundance of outdoor activities and the nation's second-largest indoor water park.

    Enjoy four seasons of beauty and find a home beginning at $150,000. Learn more about the Pocono Mountains HERE and Tobyhanna and Monroe County HERE.


    A. Build, lead, and develop kids ministry teams so that the campus can reach and retain more people

  • Build – recruit, train, grow, and remove when necessary kids team leaders and volunteers
  • Lead – (1) Kids VIP/First Impressions Director, (1) Nursery Director, (1) K-3r​d​ Grade Director, and (1) 4th​-6t​h​ Grade Director
  • Develop – assess, teach, train, and disciple the kids team
  • Reach – be active in adding more 1s​ t​ timer kids at buzz events and kids ministry
  • Retain – be active in moving 1s​t​ time kids to 4t​h​ time kids
  • B. Execute the Community Kids process

    The ​PRIMARY​ purpose of the kids ministry is to facilitate an excellent experience for both kids and parents on the weekend. This is achieved by:

    ●  Making parents feel their kids are safe. This is achieved by

  • A well-organized and effective kids check-in system
  • Security at the entrance and exit to kids ministry
  • ID matching kids to their parent's ID tags
  • Meeting new parents and introducing them to the Kids Pastor and the room leader
  • Having full kids ministry teams. This means never fewer than 2 volunteers per room or a 1:5 ratio, whichever is greater. All teams serving on an every other week rotation.
  • ●  Making kids feel like church is fun. This is achieved by:

  • A well-organized and energetic program
  • Celebrating each child each week
  • Exciting kids to come back to church
  • Introducing kids to Jesus
  • Helping kids learn how to follow Jesus
  • Fully implement the Orange Curriculum for all ages
  • The ​SECOND​ purpose of the kids ministry is to help kids and their parents to come back to church. This is achieved by:

  • Contacting every kid that missed church last weekend with a “We missed you!” message.
  • Contacting 1s​t​ time families each week and using the VIP process.
  • Contacting disconnected parents and helping them get connected
  • The ​THIRD​ purpose of the kids ministry is to shepherd and disciple kids ministry volunteers. This is achieved by:

  • Connect weekly with kids ministry volunteers.
  • Helping 2 kids ministry volunteers each week take their next spiritual step.
  • C. Reach Kids Pastor goals

  • Fast and efficient check-in - never more than 3 families in line at any check-in station.
  • Thorough and effective security – 2 security people per service.
  • Greet new families – each new family meets the Kids Pastor, the room leader, gets a welcome text during the service, and a text message the following week from the Kids Pastor.
  • New families are counted and reported to the VIP Director after each service.
  • Build full volunteer teams – 50 leaders and 150-250 volunteers - recruit 8 new volunteers each week until teams are full, then 2 new volunteers a week.
  • Weekend programming schedules and plans are distributed to teams every week.
  • 100% participation in preparation from all on-stage leaders.
  • 100% prepared for Sunday prior to the weekend.
  • All aspects of Orange curriculum including social media updates are implemented weekly.
  • Contact every child we missed on Sunday the next day (Monday) with a “We Missed You!” message
  • Contact 2 disconnected parents each week and encourage them to connect and help them take their next step.
  • Leaders connect with their team members weekly.
  • Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be present Monday through Thursday, 9am-5pm and Sundays 7:30am-3:30pm
  • Collaborate creatively and share your knowledge with the team to grow the kingdom of God in excellence.
  • Be available as much as possible to help with special events.
  • D. Create the Structure

  • Reports to and is managed by the Area Leader.
  • Assists the Area Leader.
  • Serves the vision of the Lead Pastors
  • Meet 1 time per month at Leader + along with your leaders.
  • E. Infuse the campus with the Community Church Vision, Values, and Culture

    Our Vision

  • Inspire People to Live a Fully Surrendered Life for Jesus
  • Our Values

  • Every Story Matters Here
  • We are all about More Changed Lives
  • We are Family
  • Our Church Culture

  • People are our Heart
  • Generosity is our Privilege
  • Excellence is our Spirit
  • Servant Leadership is our identity
  • Honor is our calling
  • Passion is our Pursuit
  • Model Leadership

  • Connect Weekly- Everything flows out of relationships
  • Make it Bigger - Grow your teams and raise up leaders
  • Make it Better - We are committed to continuous improvement
  • Shepherd People - Help people take their next spiritual step
  • Take it personally - Believe in what we do so much it infuses all areas of your life
  • Collaborate - Not too proud to ask for help and not too busy to give help
  • Replace yourself - Leaders who attract leaders are the most impactful on the organization
  • Be whole - How I care for myself spiritually, physically, relationally, emotionally, and financially
  • Remain open-handed - If you are given responsibility, own it. If your responsibility is given to someone else, let it go.

    Ready to take the next step?

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