Albuquerque, NM


Montgomery Church has a rich history and an opportunistic future. Leadership and the people are excited and motivated about the new season of ministry that includes adding a growth focused worship gathering, moving to a modern new debt-free facility within 2020, and increasing energies towards local outreach, young families and people. The church's new facility will be next door to their previous location, and a new public charter school serving young families and purchased the church's former facility.

The ministry began as a church plant in 1956. The church grew rapidly, moving to its current facility in 1965. By the mid-1970’s the church had grown to an average Sunday morning attendance of over 1,100, and several building expansions were underway.

The church has had a vision of outreach from the beginning. By the late 1950’s, it had established a preacher-training school in Swaziland, South Africa. That school has grown to become African Christian College today, in that process outgrowing Montgomery’s ability to provide its complete support.

In the mid-90’s, the long-time lead minister retired, and this ultimately led to a split that reduced the size of the church to around 600. Most of the people who left were of a more traditional Church of Christ heritage, leaving a membership with a more progressive outlook.

In 1999, a new lead minister gently brought an even more progressive direction to the church, instituting a Praise Team, Life Groups in the place of Sunday evening worship, and a strong emphasis on the Children’s Ministry program—all very different from a “typical” Church of Christ of the time.

In 2011, our leaders—after a long period of study—determined that our church should be gender-inclusive. While many of our members were in agreement, many strongly disagreed and departed, reducing the size of our congregation to around 300.

Jason Burnett came to fill the Lead Minister position in 2013. The congregation is now healthy and motivated, averaging close to 200 people during weekend worship gatherings. Sunday morning classes are also very well attended.

After a long process of negotiations, the old church building at 6.5 acres of land was sold in 2019, leaving 3.5 acres and money in the bank to build a new, modern worship facility. Construction should be completed in 2020.

The congregation is now healthy and motivated, meeting in the school district’s professional development building. Weekend worship gatherings average close to 200 with 75% of adults participating in Life Groups. 



As followers of Jesus, we are living in a transformed community with other followers. We look to Jesus as our perfect image and example of God’s plan for the world, we experience the power and freedom that comes from the Spirit, and we join with God in his mission to restore all of creation, in particular our neighborhood.

As we look to the future, we see being the RESTORATION MOVEMENT OF GOD that this community needs.

We will GATHER for worship in ways that engage our neighbors by building one-on-one relationships, modeling Jesus in our behavior, gathering in a variety of locations and times. We see worship gatherings that are more representative of our neighborhood, that reach both the churched and unchurched, and provide and experience of being in the presence of the all-loving God.

We will GROW together in life groups that not only meet for the growth of those in the group, but will serve neighbors well, and invite them to gather, grow, and go with us when appropriate.

We will GO to our neighbors, focusing on highly relationship oriented initiatives. We see ourselves becoming superstars at Going, not feeling nervous about interacting with strangers.  We see learning how to comfortably start chats and boldly build significant relationships, learning how to go beyond giving people “stuff” and to actually improve their entire long-term situations, both physically and spiritually.


Our mission is making disciples of Jesus Christ who love God and love others – resulting in transformed lives and transformed culture. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we will be a people who:

Love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We will live lives of worship, holy and pleasing to God; devote ourselves to spiritual growth and disciplines; and live sacrificially, giving of our time, talent and treasure.

Love others. We will love one another unconditionally; lift up and care for the unchurched and the marginalized; be a sanctuary of grace and forgiveness; strengthen, heal and unite families; intentionally engage those beyond our church walls; live to reflect the grace, mercy and truth of Jesus Christ; and speak the truth of God in love to individuals, families and the culture.

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Church Demographics

Montgomery Church is predominantly an older aged (55+) congregation. This is reflected by the small numbers of children and students engaged regularly in the ministry.


  • 20% higher/lower managerial, administrative and professional
  • 62% intermediate occupations, small employers, lower supervisory
  • 18% semi-routine, routine occupations, unemployed
  • Gender: 56% female, 44% male

    Ethnicity: 85% white, 10% Hispanic, 5% oriental, black, native American


  • 0-12 years 17%
  • 12-19 years 10%
  • 20-29 years 07%
  • 30-39 years 05%
  • 40-49 years 10%
  • 50-59 years 15%
  • 60-69 years 16%
  • 70+ years 20%
  • Top Five Strengths

    1.       High level of engagement with scripture.

    2.       Strong participation in Life Groups (75%).

    3.       Heart for the underserved in our neighborhood.

    4.       Effective children’s ministry.

    5.       Financially strong and debt free.

    Opportunities For Improvement

  • 1. Reaching and retaining young adults and families.
  • 2.       Launching new instrumental worship gatherings.

    3.       Leadership development across all ministries.


    Montgomery Church is on the more progressive end of the spectrum of Churches of Christ. Examples of the differences from the conservative Churches of Christ include:

  • Being gender-inclusive, permitting and encouraging our female members to use their talents to serve including teaching and preaching roles
  • Not subscribing to the concept of prohibiting anything in worship that wasn’t practiced in the New Testament church
  • Having a praise team with contemporary song selection
  • Not prohibiting non-members from taking communion
  • Belief that the Church of Christ is not the only path to salvation
  • A heavy emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit
  • More ecumenical in our connection with other churches
  • Traditional Church of Christ beliefs and practices held by Montgomery Church of Christ include:

  • Heavy reliance on the New Testament as the rule of faith
  • No creeds
  • Autonomous church organization without denominational oversight
  • Local governance by a plurality of male Shepherds (elders)
  • Baptism by immersion of consenting believers
  • Weekly observation of the Lord’s Supper
  • The practice of a capella singing (Montgomery will add an instrumental service as part of the move to the new building)


    Montgomery Church is led by Lead Minister, Jason Burnett. He is a faithful and thoughtful leader. He has worked diligently to update ministry mission, assimilation, and environments, all the while honoring traditions and long-time ministry participants. Much of his training is in strategic planning and excellence is a high priority.

    The paid staff consists of three additional part-time ministers and four part-time administrative staff -

    Montgomery Church of Christ is an elder guarded and staff-led church. They are a progressive Church of Christ denomination that has an effective Elder Board to provide accountability and spiritual direction. The staff are empowered to lead the church and ministries. Women are championed and welcome to lead along with the men, though not as elders.


    Montgomery Church is located in the NE quadrant of Albuquerque, NM. It’s ministry campus is directly across from popular retail stores and is on one of the busiest streets in the city. The median house price in metro Albuquerque is $210,000.

    New Mexico’s motto is the Land of Enchantment and it truly is! The natural beauty of the state is one of a kind ranging from dry dessert to high snow-capped mountains. Outdoor recreation opportunities abound from golf, snow skiing, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, and much more. Geological wonders such as Carlsbad Caverns, the Hole, and White Sands mystify. See for more.

    New Mexico also has rich cultural history including beautiful people groups such as Native Americans, Mexicans, Spaniards, and even the likes of wild west characters such as Billy the Kid. Because of these, the food is out of this world good, including special roasted Hatch chilies. Wonderful day trips abound - Chaco Canyon, Santa Fe, and Bandelier National Monument. Art of all forms is celebrated as well – it is everywhere!

    The church facility is located in a diverse socio-economical neighborhood - young, seniors, at-risk, affluent, etc. all dwell within minutes.



    Montgomery Church of Christ is looking to partner with a naturally relational and highly energetic minister to help take the ministry to the next level. Pursuit of young families, engagement in the city, expanding the ministry, and communications are all key needs. This person will work closely with the Lead Minister to love people well, implement strategies and systems.

    Associate Minister Job Profile

    As a GATHER minister
  • Preach at least 10 sermons a year.
  • Work with Lead Minister in developing preaching calendar. Function as a back up speaker with an “emergency sermon” always ready.
  • Assist in hosting and developing worship gatherings.
  • Develop teams to launch second worship gathering.
  • Lead the guest services ministry. Greet visitors and members before and after Sunday gatherings.
  • Facilitate newcomers and membership programs and classes to connect new people (assimilation)
  • as a GROW minister
  • Develop new leaders in our life group communities.
  • Lead in our efforts of outreach, conversion and assimilation of new attenders.
  • Develop other ministry vehicles that would be specific to young adults/families.
  • as a GO minister
  • Equip members to make connections with the unchurched.
  • Work with staff to create new events and other venues for inviting new people.
  • Develop neighborhood and city partnerships
  • Assist in the organization and management of GO activities to meet the identified unmet needs of our neighborhood.
  • As a STAFF member
  • Provide support of large church gatherings.
  • Inspire and equip believers of Montgomery to engage in making disciples.
  • Meet weekly with Lead Minister to maintain communication and continued development as a minister.
  • Provide general ministry assistance to the Lead Minister, Staff, and congregation.
  • Become familiar with church operations such that the operations can be managed adequately in the absence of the Lead Minister.
  • Requirements

  • Minimum of three years experience in pastoral ministry leadership
  • 3-4 years of paid local church ministry experience
  • Degree in a ministry related field with a Masters’ degree preferred. (40% of our adults have a Masters degree or higher).
  • Communication tool familiarity is desired (i.e. social media, graphic design, video, etc.)
  • Computer literate
  • Familiarity with Community Church Builder and Basecamp desired
  • Guitar and/or Keyboard skills are desired
  • Exemplifies spiritual maturity in a lifestyle that strives to reflect Christ in all areas
  • Possess and articulate a clear call to ministry
  • Proven ability to preach effectively with theological integrity and life application
  • A friendly, loving, extroverted style
  • A Biblically-driven philosophy of ministry
  • A highly relational leadership style with a strong desire to invest in the lives of people across the spiritual spectrum of maturity, including potential leaders
  • Demonstrated organizational ability, possessing the skills required to develop and deliver ministry programs, to administrate effectively, and to create and manage ministry budgets
  • Reports to: Lead Minister

    Pay and Benefits

    · Salary depends on qualifications, starting at $55,000 annually.

    · Up to 10 days of professional development, including 2 Sundays.

    · Up to 10 days for speaking engagements, including 2 Sundays.

    · Two weeks of paid vacation. (Note: Easter and Christmas Eve are big events for us and should be scheduled around). A one-month sabbatical is offered in the seventh year. Vacation increases per the policy manual.

    · You may be absent from weekend assemblies a total of six (6) times per year provided your duties are covered in your absence. You are expected to be present for all other weekend assemblies.

    · Church sponsored activities such as camps and retreats are not considered time off and do not count toward Sundays off.

    · Health Insurance (family): 100% of premiums for group policy paid.

    · Pension Contribution: 4% of salary with no employee contribution required.

    · Ministerial Allowance: $3,000 used for professional development, education, books, meetings, and other costs needed for ministerial services. Credit card provided for these expenses and proper receipts turned in.

    · Life and disability insurance

    · Mileage Reimbursement: all ministry related mileage will be reimbursed at the set IRS standard.

    · Cell Phone Allowance: $600 divided equally among pay periods.

    · Moving Expenses: We will reimburse the cost of a truck rental, fuel, and meals for the move. We can also discuss transitional housing if necessary.

    · Office/work hours and typical days: 40 hours/week. Office hours and days off are flexible.


    Ready to take the next step?

    To find out additional information about Montgomery Church of Christ, please visit to discover their core beliefs, vision and values and to learn about many other ministries of the church.

    If, after prayerfully reviewing this information, you sense this role and church culture could be a good fit for you, please contact Jay Stearley via any of the options below.

    Jay Stearley// 775.772.7505 //