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New Holland, PA


In 1983, a group of 40 people gathered in the local New Holland, PA fire hall to worship and study the Word. This group felt passionate that God was leading them to plant yet another "barn" for the harvest as their young energetic leader, Lester Zimmerman, led the way. This group was motivated by a charismatic revival in a local Mennonite Church where they were ignited to "go". They quickly outgrew the Fire Hall and in 1987, purchased land and built a sanctuary to seat 450.

Three building expansions later, Petra can seat 1800 and has student facilities to accommodate 350-400 kids and students. With a weekly average attendance of 1700 over two services and growing, Petra is impacting the New Holland area. Petra is now considered a nondenominational church led by an Elder team.

Petra is in a healthy season of growth and leadership. In January 2021, after a search process that was guided by an outside consulting group had concluded, it was announced that Petra's Student Ministry Pastor, Brian Coles, was to follow Pastor Zimmerman's 38-year ministry as Lead Pastor. The transition has gone exceptionally well with great congregational support. The spiritual climate is healthy and there is an expectation of even greater things ahead and a desire for more of God's presence.


Empowered to bring Jesus' love, healing, and hope to the world

Core Values

The Father Heart of God

Devotion to Jesus

Commitment to Scripture, Worship, and Prayer

Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Living in Community

Healing and Freedom

Sharing Jesus and Serving Others

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Petra Church embraces an apostolic model of elder-led governance/polity and has the international organization, Hopewell Network of Churches, as the overseeing authority. While there are several pastoral staff members on the Elder Board, the majority consists of nonstaff congregants of Petra. The Elder Board serves as not only accountability for the church, but also for the lead pastor, Brian Coles.


Brian Coles - Lead Pastor

Pastor Brian Coles and his wife, Tracy, joined the staff in 2016 as the Student Pastors. While Brian was serving in that capacity, the church employed an external firm to facilitate a national search for its next senior pastor to carry on the legacy of the founding pastors (Lester & Erma Zimmerman). It became obvious that Brian was to step into this role. The transition was announced in 2020 and completed in January 2021. This appointment has garnered great support from the church body.

Pastor Brian is an innovative leader who values the strengths of a committed and healthy team. He is a strategic visionary and believes in empowering his staff to lead. He is a grace-filled champion and friend to the broken and hurting and longs to see both staff and congregation servant leaders walk in true freedom. He has created a cultural environment where each staff member sees themselves as an integral part of the team and long for growth and development.

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Lancaster County offers a rich blend of the old and the new – from the historical, cultural, business, and arts environments of Lancaster City to the rolling green hills of Amish County. Lancaster City is one of the oldest inland towns in the United States, and Lancaster County is home to America’s oldest Amish settlement. Lancaster is the eighth largest city in Pennsylvania. The County is dotted with a number of small to mid-sized towns and boroughs, of which New Holland is one. Lancaster County is both highly contemporary – attracting many millenials – and traditional. It’s a hard-working culture, but with ample opportunities for fun and recreation.

While there are many who would consider themselves "religious" in the area, there is a great need for Gospel truth and freedom that is heralded by the Spirit-filled message.

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Discover Lancaster

Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum


Build & Develop Leaders

Petra Church has the opportunity to continue impacting Lancaster County for decades to come. Their unique approach to leading people into spiritual freedom coupled with a robust counseling center that is transforming the community sets them apart. The staff and high-capacity volunteers possess an "all in" attitude and mindset. Talent, availability, and skill are all present amongst the ministry staff and department leaders. The missing element is an executive pastor who is passionate about developing leaders.

The new executive pastor of ministries must possess a passion to discover, develop and deploy leaders. This must be facilitated with a shepherd's heart, so facilitating courageous and confrontational conversations must be a strength. Additionally, the XP of Ministries will have the privilege of offering helpful feedback and counsel to Pastor Brian as he leads the church into new and fresh vision. This person will also help steward the continued exponential growth of Petra Church.

The XP of Ministries must be a leader of leaders and a strategic thinker. They must possess the foresight of interpreting what is on the horizon and communicating to each direct report how to prepare and respond. A necessary quality of this person must be to coach, shepherd, and lead the staff--particularly the ministry team leads-- as they drive toward alignment and unity across all ministries with the same discipleship process throughout the church while supporting the leadership and vision of the lead pastor and lay elders.

The individual should be highly relational and see themselves as a shepherd/coach. This person must be able to facilitate one on one meetings where they 1) communicate vision, 2) assess performance, 3) hold direct reports accountable, and 4) loving walk people into higher levels of leadership. Above all else, the XP of Ministries should have an obvious and fruitful relationship with Jesus and embrace gospel-centered ministry that results in a life of spiritual freedom.

It is vital for this new leader to learn culture quickly, develop chemistry with the team, embrace a Spirit-empowered philosophy of ministry, and lead effectively to learn how best to support, build, and further develop this impactful church.

This is a fun and engaging staff team to lead! They are extremely talented, relationally life-giving, and long to be mentored and coached so they can better serve the people of Petra and the surrounding community!

Regional Influence & Impact

Petra is one of only five churches in the county that are over 1500 people in attendance and is continuing to grow. This has afforded Petra opportunities to serve and impact the city and gain a positive disposition in the community. Additionally, Petra serves as the anchor church for the Hopewell Network of Churches. The executive pastor will be entrusted with helping to serve and influence local churches in the region that rely on Petra for church resourcing and encouragement.


Full Time Staff Position: Executive Pastor of Ministries

Primary Function

The Executive Pastor of Ministries is responsible for the oversight, development, and care of Petra Church ministry programs and related staff.


  • Serves on the Executive Team. Assist the Lead Pastor in the implementation of his duties.
  • Serves on the Executive Team. Assist the Lead Pastor in the implementation of his duties.
  • Assist the Elders and Lead Pastor in ensuring that the strategic ministry objectives of the church are effectively and efficiently attained. Help define strategic goals and vision. Research effectiveness and better practices and maintain statistics.
  • Monitor the pulse of the congregation, through research, and tracking various stats.
  • Assist Lead Pastor w/ developing and leading staff training retreats and workshops.
  • Oversee hiring and dismissal, evaluations, and training of direct reports.
  • Keep job descriptions current. Assist in the orientation of new staff.
  • Have regularly scheduled 1 on 1 meetings with direct reports to include: Children’s Pastor, Student Ministries Pastor, Sr. Adults Ministry Leader, Men’s Ministry Leader, Women’s Ministry Leader, Marriage Ministry Leader, Connections Leader, & Groups Pastor.
  • Provide care for all direct reports and assist in their personal development.
  • Help each ministry department increase the quality and quantity of their ministry. Help them with values-based leadership, budgeting, calendar planning, and building strong teams.
  • Meet bi-annually with direct reports’ volunteer teams and attend ministry events throughout the year to assess improvement and growth needed for ministry and direct report.
  • Oversee our “The Belong Journey” pathway.
  • Lead weekly Ministry Staff meetings.
  • Serve as a Sunday Campus Manager – Pastor on Call.
  • Assist in special services opening / closing.
  • Support Petra’s apostolic role and ministry to the Hopewell Network of Churches.
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Reports To:

  • Lead Pastor

Relates Closely With:

  • Lead Pastor & Elders

Character Requirements:

  • A strong personal walk with God. Baptized in the Holy Spirit and embraces the Scriptures as fully inspired and authoritative.
  • Demonstrates biblical moral and character qualities in accordance with I Timothy 3 as well as Petra Church’s values, policies, and beliefs.
  • Embraces Petra’s leadership habits and values. Models servant leadership in helping to support and fulfill the vision and goals of Petra Church. Embraces a culture of missions and volunteerism.
  • A humble heart. Not seeking a position or title but a call to serve. A teachable spirit with a positive outlook on life.


  • Five or more years of relevant ministry experience in a large church environment. Education in a related field is preferred but not required.
  • A proven track record of developing and growing church ministries while shepherding ministry staff.
  • Strong in the giftings of executing, administration, strategic thinking, influencing, and relationship building.
  • Able to employ a grace and truth skillset as it pertains to conflict resolution.
  • Good communication skills (both interpersonal and written/spoken).
  • Ability to meet prescribed goals as established by the church.

Petra Church Christian Values Statement

Petra Church believes that the breadth of its ministry is directly related to the depth of commitment each employee has to Jesus Christ. The Church also believes that the effectiveness of its public ministry is directly related to the authenticity of a private faith commitment by each employee. This truth requires that each employee have and maintain real and vibrant fellowship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Each employee is seen as a full-time ambassador of Jesus Christ and the Church. All employees should live on and off the job in a manner consistent with demonstrating the message, mission, and character of Jesus Christ. Employees pray for the Church, its staff, and its ministries, on a regular basis. Each employee will participate in staff devotional activities and should be prepared to pray with and provide biblical counsel to those seeking ministry.

Conduct Policy

We believe our staff, pastors, ministry leaders, members, and volunteers need to demonstrate Christian character and high moral values. The Bible is our guide and it gives us instructions for holy living, such as found in Galatians 5:19-23; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. The use of illegal drugs, life-controlling practices, viewing of pornographic materials, sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage, and homosexual and transgender behavior are incongruent with the Christian standards of character and morality we promote. Our mission is to be a healing and safe place for all people; we support those in recovery and in transformation. For this reason, we discourage the use of tobacco and alcohol.

Status: Full-Time


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